Hey Beautiful!

What is a brilliant, high vibe business? It’s a business that makes you so excited to create and be a part of that you can’t wait to get out of bed. It’s a beautiful reflection and expression of your most authentic self and is in alignment with who you are at your core. It’s positive, feels oh so good, and expands you in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

The more you align yourself with who you are and what you are here to do, the more you will elevate yourself, your business and those around you.

The world desperately needs this from you.

Because you are unique, your business and journey is also unique. Blending the two together is what makes it so brilliant. You’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of person. Me either. I’m Natalie, and I’m gifted with seeing the unique and beautiful gifts you to bring to the world. I’m here to help guide you along your brilliant way, get clarity on what you are here to do – what feels the most exciting, figure out the best way for you to do it, how to implement it, make sure you are using your energy correctly, and then grow exponentially so you can step into the life and business you’re here to create. 

Hear What Others Have To Say:

Working with Natalie was like having several coaches rolled up into one. With her knowledge of everything from Human Design and the creative process to Facebook Ads and funnels, she always had a resource or a strategy I could put into practice right away. When I started working with Natalie, I knew I wanted to transition my business to include more products, but I wasn’t sure it was possible. Natalie coached me to create a concrete plan that played to my strengths and allowed me to earn more money while doing work I love. There’s nothing like working with a coach who actually hears you.
Candice L. Davis
Author Coach and Success Coach / Go Write Something
This is a must have for any entrepreneur that is in any stage of their business!
Nicky Howell
This book made me look at my task list in a whole new way: a way that helped me get my *** together, and every entrepreneur needs that. Natalie helped me get more done while cutting my work load. How did she do that?
The best business planner I have ever purchased!
Stacy G.
Natalie's Business Plan book is the bomb. When I received this book, the structure made it fun to Re-brand.
Jinean Florom
I am grateful to you for your processes and thoughts and guidance. It's making a difference and I wanted you to know.
Mathea Ford
I can honestly say if you have an opportunity to work with this dynamic duo GRAB it. Their combined knowledge and special brand of loving care (yes even though loving) is unparalleled. In a world where so many are coaching with very little experience these two rise to the top not only with years of experience but amazing integrity and authenticity. Do yourself a favor and explore working together it will change your life.
Laura Wright
I love the Biz plan book because I don't feel like I must "stay between the lines and make everything perfect"...I can brain storm AND be super productive at the same time!
Elise Adams
Working with Natalie saved my business! Not only did she help me define my business goals, but she had the backbone and know-how to take me to the next level I craved more than lemonade on a hot summer day. I wouldn't have been able to be where I am today without her expert guidance, knowledge and swift kick in the you-know-what! THANK YOU Natalie!
Kristen Joy
Before Natalie's help I was flittering from idea to idea and ooooo shiny thing. I now have more focus and direction for my business. Thanks Natalie!
Judy Winchester
Massage Therapist / Cosmic Hugs
Natalie is a world of knowledge - but not the dried up stuff we get drilled on and lectured in marketing classrooms. Her wisdom bank is always buzzing with up-to date input. I can see her gears turning when I talk about my business - and half the time I didn't even ask a question. It's just that she always can, and wants to make it better, whatever I'm working on - and she does! A single sentence from her has set me on the right rails...more than once. That comes from actually caring if you do well. She leads with her heart and doesn't just follow some success formula.
Mariya Karchevskaya
Graphic Designer / The Good Designer
You inspire the shit out of me Natalie!! Every day working with you is like Christmas. You give me what I need to keep moving forward.
Liz Fulcher
Aromatherapist Educator / Aromatic Wisdom Institute
Before Natalie pointed out to me the process of a business cycle, I was hobbling from one idea to the next. Sure, I made money, sometimes even a LOT of money, but it wasn't on a consistent cycle. Since she helped me clarify my business cycle, I've made significant shifts to allow myself to make even more money during the cycle and permission to take it easy and serve my tribe on the "off" months. It's been an amazing transition to less stress and more fun in my business!
Kristen Joy
Book Publishing Expert / The Book Ninja

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a guarantee that you will be able to make this amount of money, or any money for that fact, by using this exact same funnel system. This is simply a factual statement of earned revenue made by others using this same model.