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When Mama Ain’t Happy…

Hey Magical One! I woke up this morning feeling nurtured, loved and flat out amazing. Why? Because yesterday I went for my bi-weekly massage and reiki session. It’s not just any kind of massage…this chick knows her stuff. One of the best parts is that she knows how to trick the brain to get her clients into a deeper relaxation ... Read More

That Lie Someone Told You About Yourself

Hey Magical One! Many moons ago I was in a relationship that’s not the one I’m in now. It wasn’t the right fit for me, but I had committed to it, so I stuck it out. For 13 years. There were some painful times during that period of my life. The biggest thing was that I didn’t feel truly seen ... Read More

How Easy It Is To Defy Labels

Hey Magical One! Last week when I bought my MINI Cooper, the dealership gave us a couple of thank you gifts. One of them being a t-shirt for both Lee and I that has the MINI Cooper logo on the front and a cool quote on the back. It says: “Those who defy labels, define themselves.” Let’s talk about this ... Read More

“Money Talks, Bullshit Walks”

Hi Magical One! Have you seen the movie “The Boss” with Melissa McCarthy? It’s a silly comedy about a powerful entrepreneurial woman who is totally messed up. In the beginning of the movie it shows her putting on this huge event with all the bells and whistles. At the event they announce her and include that she is the author of ... Read More

The World’s Greatest Resource

Hi Magical One! A couple of months ago, someone said to me: “Thank you for investing in the world’s greatest resource, humanity.” This was part of a conversation where she was telling me what a huge impact The Biz Plan Book has had on her life. The way it helps to keep her organized. The intuitiveness of it all and ... Read More

Don’t Take It Personally

Hi Magical One! In 2010 something significant happened to me. That was the year I started my 2 year long raw food detox. It only ate raw food for 2 years. During that time I had some huge shifts happen. Not only did I lose 40 pounds and keep them off – which is significant – but I also had ... Read More

I Tried Not To Scream

Hi Magical One! I’m not exactly a fan of shaving. In order to get the silky smooth effect and look most women are after, shaving needs to happen every day. After over 25 years of shaving…it gets old…FAST. What’s an alternative to this? Not shaving or waxing. Not shaving is only an option in the winter time and even then I ... Read More

7 Ways To Raise Your Vibration

This is one of the trainings done inside the Success Circle about 7 ways to raise your vibration – an important thing for magical unicorns to know since the higher our vibration is raised, the more money we tend to make. The 7 Ways overview: Journal Clear and Cleanse Daily Routines Exercise Sing Acts of Kindness Clean Food Want more ... Read More

The Matrix + Spiderman =

Hi Magical One! I found a pocket of time yesterday to take a fun break. I was craving a long curvy road to drive and had a few suggestions given to me that I wanted to try. On our way we decided to stop at a little cafe to grab a snack. As we sat there waiting on our food, ... Read More

Zig Where Others Zag

Hi Magical One! Yesterday I took Maggie Laz for a spin through the backroad hills to see how she really reacts to all the curves, dips and dives. I really wanted to push some limits. Hugs some curves. Afterall, she’s the sport model and is made for racing. As I got on the road, it seemed like every time I ... Read More