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How To Conquer The World And Save Your Sanity

Have you ever sat down at the beginning of the day, ready to go, ready to tackle whatever is on your plate and by the end of the day you feel as if you were so busy but when you look at your to-do list only 3 out of 50 things are actually marked as completed? It’s frustrating to look ... Read More

3 Ways To Develop A Daily Writing Habit

Don’t you wish you could just wake up every morning, grab your steamy cup of coffee or tea and sit down to write the next great American novel with the words would just flow from your fingers like velvety ribbons of chocolate? Or maybe you wish you could just find the time to write every day? Or maybe you just ... Read More

How To Build An Unconventional Business

Let’s face it – Entrepreneurs see things differently. We are the ones that don’t function well in a corporate environment because we see what’s wrong and where to improve it. We leave because we hunger for change. As Steve Jobs puts it: “Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… ... Read More

Biz Plan Book Walkthrough

I’ve had tons of requests from people for me to walk them through the Biz Plan Book, so….here it is! This walkthrough goes through the workbook portion and shows you the monthly + weekly spreads so you know how it’s all laid out. This way you can make sure it will work for you in creating a business you can ... Read More

Thai Coconut Soup Recipe

Let’s face it. Your health is just as important to your business as it is to your overall life. So when you find recipes on this site, you’ll know it’s because they are 1) delicious and 2) super good for you. For the past month I have been transitioning myself to a more ketogenics based diet and am loving the ... Read More

The Freedom Journal Is Great, But…

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know how much I love to gain clarity with an idea, plan it out, organize what’s working and what’s not and then turn around and get it done! I mean, my latest book, The Biz Plan Book, has been build around a powerful system to help you create a ... Read More

13 Inspiring Quotes From 13 Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Ahhhhhhh, inspirational quotes. They can lift us up when we are feeling low and empower us when need it most. There was a point in my life where I needed quotes just to help me out of bed in the mornings. I filled my Facebook newsfeed with them. I wrote them on my bathroom mirror. I set popups on my ... Read More

Video: How To Have Powerful Breakthroughs

Okay, okay…I confess… It’s the middle of the February at the time of this video and blog post is being created and checkins should be at the beginning of each month. But hear me out. I’m writing this now because this past week I’ve been encouraging┬ásome of my clients to get this done for the month (new habits can sometimes ... Read More

Video: Simplifiying – The Lip Balm Edition

I have a major addiction… …to LIP BALM! I’ve had hoards and hoards of these tiny little critters hiding all over my house…and in my purse…and in my car…and…and… At least I used to. That is until I came across the perfect (for me) lip balm that I absolutely love. They are the perfect blend of butter soft moisture that ... Read More