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Best Spotify Focus Playlists for Writers

One of my favorite things to do while writing is to listen to music that will help me to stay focused. But, not just any ole’ music. It’s got to be the kind that really helps to set the mood and brain to where focus can be achieved in an optimal amount of time. I realize everyone is different when ... Read More

A Great Free Video Capture Tool You Can Add Inside Gmail

Hey Magical One! Do those big scary video tools freak you out when you just want to record a simple screen share? Now they don’t have to! I was introduced to this super simple easy-to-get-started-with free video capture tool that is -to make it even easier- a Google Chrome Extension. Perfect for everyone, including creatives who hate all things tech. Introducing…Loom! ... Read More

How I Manifested My Dream Car In One Day

Hi Magical One! Remember that life celebrating dinner I told you about yesterday? Well on our way home from there, I casually mentioned to my husband Lee that the next car I get, I would like it to be a MINI Cooper. Out of all the cars I’ve owned, I miss the MINI Cooper I had for a short time ... Read More

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill – An Animated Video

Hey there! One of the most popular books for entrepreneurs is Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich“. And for good reason! Whenever someone asks me what my favorite business book is, this one is always the first to pop into my brain. If you haven’t read it, it’s one you’ll want to pick up sooner rather than later. Especially if ... Read More

Is A Time Crunch Beneficial?

Hey Magical One! Last week I started something different with my diet. I started doing Intermittent Fasting. Basically you only eat during an 8 hour window. The idea behind it is that when you only eat for 8 hours, you have 16 hours of resting time where your body can go into refresh, recharge and healing mode. Something interesting happened ... Read More

Beyond The Studying – A Human Design Success Story

Hey Magical One! Two days ago I touched on a HUGE subject. Human Design. Something I’ve dedicated myself to figuring out and fully living into. Obviously…I got a freaking tattoo as a constant reminder. That’s some serious dedication right there. (This along with business, essential oils and being creative!) What I’ve been most curious about has been beyond the studying ... Read More

What Does Your Incarnation Cross Say About You?

Hey Magical One! A few weeks ago I got a new tattoo. I swore I would never get another one because the last one hurt so bad, but this one was different. It’s script across my left inner forearm that says “expect the unexpected”. This comes directly from my Human Design Chart as part of my incarnation cross. It’s how ... Read More

ISO Friend With A Frenchie

Hey Magical One! I’ve always had a soft spot for those cute little french bulldogs with the squished in faces and pointy bat ears. Or maybe it’s because of their personality. They are loaded with character and make me laugh every time I get to play with one. My dog Pete (a 10 year old Puggle) is getting older and ... Read More

Is Your Business Just A Hobby?

Hey Magical ! I have a client who makes the most beautiful necklaces and bracelets. They are carefully crafted with the highest quality round stone beads that work together both visually and energetically to give the wearer the best benefits. On top of that she cleans the stones of any negative juju and infuses them with reiki – the good ... Read More

When Writer’s Block Strikes (And How To Overcome It)

Hey Magical One! It happens to all of us. Writer’s Block that is. I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t get it. (If you’re one of the anomalies that doesn’t get it, reply back to this email and let me know you exist.) Writer’s Block can strike at any time. While driving down the road. In the middle of ... Read More