The Day I Became A Magical Unicorn

Hello Magical Ones!

A couple weeks ago I attended and was a mastermind facilitator at my friend Kelly McCausey’s Exposure & Profit 3 event, which was a total blast. Including the mustache and tiara party. That’s a story for another post.

This story starts the day before this event started.

It was a Thursday afternoon. I was sitting in a circle with 7 other women inside a hotel conference room in Atlanta, GA.

I had signed up for Therese Sparby and Ann Boyum’s 4-hour long Refresh Retreat. This is an extension of the Radical Leadership Retreat they facilitate. It is designed as a refresher for those who have taken RL or an introduction to those who have not.

In any case, it’s a soul reset, which is what I was looking for.

But really, I didn’t know what to expect or what my intention for going was.

As we got started, we were told that we were all going to introduce ourselves to the group one at a time.

No big deal. This is standard and expected.

But then they changed it on me. Instead of the traditional introductions like your name, where you are from, what you do and what your issue is — they told us to say our name and then pick an animal we would want to have our picture taken with and two characteristics the animal possesses that we felt represents a part of us.

What I heard was: “…pick two characteristics that animal possesses that you like about that animal.”

I was up first, so I had to think fast.

I went through several different animals in my head in a matter of milliseconds.

The first one I thought of was a cat…no…too common. Besides, have you seen those weird pictures of people with their cats? Me too. I didn’t want to go there.

Then I thought I could have my picture taken with a black panther. I loved them as a kid. So big, strong, dark and mysterious. Badass. Okay, maybe that was too much.

Or what about a scorpion – my spirit animal? Imagining myself getting a my picture taken with a scorpion got weird in my head. Would it be on my shoulder? Would I hold it up in my hand? Would it sting me?

Ugh. This was becoming way too complicated.

Then I thought of one of my favorite animals – a horse. I took riding lessons as a kid and have been craving to do it again here lately.

But I didn’t want any ole horse.


I wanted my picture taken with a mother fucking UNICORN!

The first two words that came to mind were “Magical” and “Majestic”. Those worked for me.

“Hello, my name is Natalie Marie Collins and I would get my picture taken with a Unicorn because they are magical and majestic.”

As the lady next to me shared her animal, she started talking about the two words that represented her in the animal.

Oh shit! It was then I realized that I had heard the instructions wrong. I had just told everyone that I thought of myself magical and majestic! It was suppose to be the unicorn, not me!

I had to take a deep breath.

Could I see myself as magical and majestic?

Magical – yes. I have people tell me that all the time and I have a lot of fun with it. I could own that word.

Majestic? That was the word that really tripped me up. What did a majestic human being even look like? Could that really describe me?

I had to close my eyes and really feel into it. That was definitely a word I needed to step into in order to embrace. Could I do it?

I decided it felt good enough to step into. It was a bigger step than I’m used to taking, but I could do it. So I did.

That step – that shift – that vibration – was exactly what I needed from that retreat.

That was when I became a magical unicorn. That was when I stepped into it.

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One thing I didn’t tell you about the Refresh Retreat was that Kelly McCausey was part of it. During her event there were several times that the reference to me being a unicorn came up. (I think she liked it) There was even one time she told everyone at the event while she was up on stage that I was a unicorn.

That was a little shocking. It was still really new to me and I wasn’t quite ready to announce it to the world at that point. I mean, that’s a big bold statement to make. These things can take time, right?

Not to Kelly! She was ready for me to own it too!

And that’s exactly what I have decided to do. Own my magical unicorn-ness!

I want to help you own your inner magical unicorn as well – to become the majestic being you were meant to be!

Come with me on this enchanted quest by joining the Magical Unicorns Club (a free Facebook group) where I’ll be sharing with you tips and tricks to becoming the best unicorn you can be.

Because unicorns are real!

unicorns are real join the club

2 Comments on “The Day I Became A Magical Unicorn

August 12, 2016 at 6:03 pm

I really am sorry for rushing the reveal. Though no one would know the context, it was privileged awareness that I ought to have kept on the hush-hush!

AND – hell yeah, I liked it! LOL! I’m giggling at what you’re doing with it now… SO FUN and SO MAGICAL 🙂

Natalie Marie Collins
August 12, 2016 at 6:36 pm

Kelly, you’re so sweet. I knew nobody knew what you were talking about. I’m a way it helped me step into quicker. Although I was a bit surprised by it.

Yay! I’m giddy with what I’m doing with it. It IS fun!


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