Beyond The Studying – A Human Design Success Story

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Hey Magical One!

Two days ago I touched on a HUGE subject. Human Design. Something I’ve dedicated myself to figuring out and fully living into.

Obviously…I got a freaking tattoo as a constant reminder. That’s some serious dedication right there. (This along with business, essential oils and being creative!)

What I’ve been most curious about has been beyond the studying – the practical application of it all. That’s the same with the Law of Attraction stuff I’ve been studying for years. I want to know the reality of it!

That’s exactly how I help my clients apply the information – through practical translation they can use.

For example, I recently started working with a client who had been conditioned through life and various mentors in the opposite way of her type and the way she needed to be working according to her design.

No bueno.

When I introduced her to how she was designed to work, it was a huge relief for her. She had been spinning her wheels for years and nothing worked the way “they” said it would and does for them.

Not to say their techniques don’t work at all, they just weren’t right for her design.

I showed her how to shift her energy to be more in alignment with her design and gave her practical things to do as her homework.

The next week she reported back to me that she had implements some of the things and closed 3 new clients using the newfound strategies. She was amazed and delighted by the results!

I introduced the Success Circle to Human design yesterday and shared with them strategies that they needed to start using the system. It was twice as long as my usual session and full of goodness.

Join the Success Circle to listen to the replay and to get in the know next week where I’ll be continuing the introduction of Human Design and how it works for you.

>> Join us HERE <<

Showering you with braindrops and glitter.

Natalie Marie Collins
Business Coach + Magical Unicorn

P.S. Want to share your design with me? Download the PDF report, hit reply to this email and send it over. I’d love to see it! You can get your chart for free HERE.

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