The Biz Plan Book Goes Digital! How To Use It With The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (or any other PDF)

I have some news for you today!

I’m going DIGITAL!

This is big because I’m a huge pen and paper gal. The feel. The texture. The magical connection. There’s nothing like it.


With Apple’s release of their iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, things are different. Combined with the GoodNotes App, these three things are a game changer for me.

Someone finally got it right!

This is the closest thing to actual pen and paper I’ve been able to get digitally.

Game. Changer.

What this has done is totally changed the way I’ve been organizing and doing my daily tasks within my business. Hell, make that everything. For the past week I’ve set down my physical notebooks and given this trio my ultimate effort in seeing how it works and so far I love it. Everything I need is all contained in one lightweight device I can easily stick in my purse and take with me anywhere.

Then I discovered that I could import PDFs into GoodNotes and WRITE ON THEM! Without harming the original document.

That means the Biz Plan Book can officially go digital too!

I’ve been hesitant on making the Biz Plan Book digital because I want you to be able to have the full benefit of working the magic of pen and paper – especially because of the brainstorming areas. It’s powerful stuff that I want you to be able to experience in the way it’s intended to be.

Now that I’ve figured this out, I myself am using the digital version of the Biz Plan Book.

It’s like the heavens have opened up!

Here’s how to use the digital version of the Biz Plan book on your iPad Pro (or any iPad – but the pro is best because of the Apple Pencil).

Mind. Blown.

Click Here to get your digital version of the Biz Plan Book.

In case you don’t do videos, here’s the written instructions:
  1. Download GoodNotes App.
  2. Open GoodNotes App and create a new notebook labeled “Biz Plan Book”. Leave it open.
  3. Open Biz Plan Book PDF download link in Safari. (Click Here to get it)
  4. Tap right below the URL bar so the “Open In” bar shows up.
  5. Tap on “Open In”.
  6. Choose GoodNotes. It will open the GoodNotes app.
  7. Choose “Insert Page Below”.
  8. *Poof* Like magic the entire PDF imports into the notebook and you can write and color your brilliance to your heart’s content.

NOTE: If you get the digital version and follow these instructions to upload the file, after it’s uploaded you can delete any of the pages you need to, like monthly and weekly spreads that have already past, making it even more efficient for you to start using at any time during the year.

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Click Here to get your digital version of the Biz Plan Book.


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