The Most Important Thing Inside Your Business

Hey Magical One! It’s Labor Day here in the states and it’s really got me thinking about the meaning behind it and how that looks to the modern day world. Especially because it’s almost a meaningless holiday to us entrepreneurs. Almost… Some view it as a day to take off work, maybe head to the beach and for others it may … Read More

Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover?

Hey Magical One! The other night I was winding down for the day, opened up my kindle and about died laughing at the ad I was shown. It was for a fantasy fiction novel who’s book cover still that the image watermarks on it. The watermarks! This means the author didn’t pay for rights to use the background image. Kudos to him … Read More

Hand Cramps + Agonies + Breakthroughs

Hey Magical One! Remember I told you yesterday I would tell you what happened next? Well, let’s get on with it! (If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, do that now and then come back to this. The post is HERE.) I started looking through that large stack of papers, many of them were stapled together. They had large words and little … Read More

The Day My Husband Almost Fired Me As A Client

Hey Magical One! In 2010 I started my first blog. The main reason I started it was to have a place where I could keep a collection of all the fabulous raw food recipes I was finding online. A place to house my favorites and a place to send others to for those who wanted the recipes and didn’t want … Read More

What Moldy Water And Habits Have In Common

Hey Magical One! I had a really hard time sleeping last night. My stomach just wasn’t agreeing with me. Here’s what I think it was. Yesterday after our wonderful chiropractic appointment with Dr. Georgia Lee and I walked over to one of our favorite restaurants in downtown historic Roswell, GA. The food was delicious as always, but the water…NO. I … Read More

“Can I Be A Mermaid?”

Hey Magical One! One of my friends asked me this the other day… “Can I be a mermaid?” She was referring to the whole magical unicorn movement and wanted to join the ride, but in her own way. How could I say no to such a precious question? (That was rhetorical – of course I said yes!) I have another … Read More

When Mama Ain’t Happy…

Hey Magical One! I woke up this morning feeling nurtured, loved and flat out amazing. Why? Because yesterday I went for my bi-weekly massage and reiki session. It’s not just any kind of massage…this chick knows her stuff. One of the best parts is that she knows how to trick the brain to get her clients into a deeper relaxation … Read More

That Lie Someone Told You About Yourself

Hey Magical One! Many moons ago I was in a relationship that’s not the one I’m in now. It wasn’t the right fit for me, but I had committed to it, so I stuck it out. For 13 years. There were some painful times during that period of my life. The biggest thing was that I didn’t feel truly seen … Read More

How Easy It Is To Defy Labels

Hey Magical One! Last week when I bought my MINI Cooper, the dealership gave us a couple of thank you gifts. One of them being a t-shirt for both Lee and I that has the MINI Cooper logo on the front and a cool quote on the back. It says: “Those who defy labels, define themselves.” Let’s talk about this … Read More

“Money Talks, Bullshit Walks”

Hi Magical One! Have you seen the movie “The Boss” with Melissa McCarthy? It’s a silly comedy about a powerful entrepreneurial woman who is totally messed up. In the beginning of the movie it shows her putting on this huge event with all the bells and whistles. At the event they announce her and include that she is the author of … Read More