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Dear Brilliant One,

Yes you. You’re so full of magical brilliancew right now that it’s bursting at the seams to be shared with the world. You have a message, a purpose and a passion for what wants to come through you.

But life may not always feel magical.

In fact, life probably feels more scattered, frustrating, and even maddening. Sometimes wine at noon is the only way you can make it through the day with your sanity in tact. It’s not at all what you pictured when you became an entrepreneur. And thinking of what product to create next? Ha! Try making it out of your support desk alive first.

If your business feels out of control and you’re not sure what you’re doing from one day to the next, you’ve got a serious problem.

How are you supposed to get a handle on things so you can go on vacation, or that weekend mastermind retreat on the beach, if you don’t know what needs to be done today or even tomorrow?

Flying by the seat of your pants in your business just doesn’t cut it anymore.

But where do you start?
How do you get it all together?
Why does it seem so hard?

The online world is a huge vast place and things can get overwhelming quickly. It’s easy to get lost in all the noise that’s out there.

Everyone talks about building a brand, having a tribe and doing what they love as an entrepreneur. But very few people actually do it.

One BIG reason why: they don’t get the support & education they need. What if you had someone to walk you through your next steps to take in your business that aligns everything with the BIG goals that your brand is built upon and then helping you to figure out how to implement it along the way?

You don’t need an elaborate 1-year, 5-year or even 1-year plan to start getting the focus you need in your business.

No way. No how.

I’m Natalie Marie Collins, The Brilliant Business Coach, and together we will discover what your big goals are, what are the milestone steps you need to take to get there, and figure out what you need to do each week in order to move forward and make dramatic progress.

Using simple methods, together we will break it all down step-by-step, make it do-able and achievable at the speed you are comfortable with.

Having BIG dreams and goals are important. But taking those dreams and turning them into reality isn’t easy for most people. That’s where I come in to show you how you make it all a reality and then hold you accountable to motivate you to get them done.

It’s possible. Let me show you how…

One-on-One coaching and brainstorming time that helps you determine what your next actionable steps are to move your brand and business forward every single week.

Take the experience of my years of business (corporate and online), creativity, marketing, and a vast knowledge of online tools, how they work, and if they should be used in your business, combine that with all of your knowledge, gifts, brilliance, and experience on what you are building your dream business around…together we’d make one hell of a team!


  • We hop on a call and talk some things through. You’ll schedule a free 30-minute getting-to-know-you call through an online calendar to make sure that working with me is the right choice for you. There will be a short questionnaire I’ll need you to fill out so our time together is more focused and productive.


  • If working with me is the right choice for you, we will set up a time that works best for both of us for our 1-hour weekly calls and get started. It’s that easy!

While You Wait

  • While you wait for our first scheduled call, you will be sent a welcome letter and a copy of my popular Biz Plan Book for you to enjoy. The Biz Plan Book is an important part of our process together, we will be working through it together during our coaching time. This will help give a laser focused plan moving forward.
  • You’ll be asked to take the Gallup Strengths Finder test so we will know what your strengths are and how you tick. This is incredibly helpful in knowing how to build the best business with you in mind by focusing on your strengths and not your weaknesses.
  • I’ll be pulling your Human Design Chart and getting to know unique you are and how you are designed to use your energy in this world. This is incredibly important information for you to know, and we will work on making sure you are in alignment with your unique energy design.

Our First Call

  • During our first call, we will be “diving deep” where we are going to get down and dirty by going over what your business is about, what you are doing to bring in money and where you can improve. We will also go over your strengths and Human Design Chart to show you where you and your business meet. Then we will discover what programs/services you want to put together and what is realistic for you to accomplish in a particular time frame that you set. Know that I’ll gently push and motivate you to be a high achiever during our time together PLUS help you through the tech side of things putting it together with you. Be prepared to get focused and get a LOT done!

Each Week

  • Each week we will have a 1-hour call together (scheduled at a time convenient for you) where we will review your progress from the previous week and map out the next steps that we need to take to get you closer to achieving your goals for the next week. The process you will be taken through is gentle, yet very effective.

The Overall Goal

The overall goal is to move you forward with small steps to get you uncommon results, to help you develop high achiever habits, applying tricks to marketing your products and services without being pushy in a way that your customers will love (perfect for introverts!) and putting together a solid back end complete with big-ole-fat BUY BUTTONS so people can send you money. No big-hype launches required!

Find out if working together is right for you. Set up a time below to chat about it.

See what others have to say:

Working with Natalie saved my business! Not only did she help me define my business goals, but she had the backbone and know-how to take me to the next level I craved more than lemonade on a hot summer day. I wouldn't have been able to be where I am today without her expert guidance, knowledge and swift kick in the you-know-what! THANK YOU Natalie!
Kristen Joy
Before Natalie's help I was flittering from idea to idea and ooooo shiny thing. I now have more focus and direction for my business. Thanks Natalie!
Judy Winchester
Massage Therapist / Cosmic Hugs
Natalie is a world of knowledge - but not the dried up stuff we get drilled on and lectured in marketing classrooms. Her wisdom bank is always buzzing with up-to date input. I can see her gears turning when I talk about my business - and half the time I didn't even ask a question. It's just that she always can, and wants to make it better, whatever I'm working on - and she does! A single sentence from her has set me on the right rails...more than once. That comes from actually caring if you do well. She leads with her heart and doesn't just follow some success formula.
Mariya Karchevskaya
Graphic Designer / The Good Designer
You inspire the shit out of me Natalie!! Every day working with you is like Christmas. You give me what I need to keep moving forward.
Liz Fulcher
Aromatherapist Educator / Aromatic Wisdom Institute


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