Hand Cramps + Agonies + Breakthroughs

Hey Magical One!

Remember I told you yesterday I would tell you what happened next? Well, let’s get on with it! (If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, do that now and then come back to this. The post is HERE.)

I started looking through that large stack of papers, many of them were stapled together. They had large words and little words, pictures, arrows and even circles.

I had never seen anything like them.

Lee saw the confusion / curiosity / deer-in-the-headlights look on my face and decided to step in. He picked a group a papers that were stapled together out of the stack and said…

“Here. This is one of my favorite sales letters. I want you to get a yellow pad out and copy it by hand.”

These are old school direct mail sales letters here.

He wanted me to sit down and write out all 22 pages by hand? Seriously?!?

“Why?” I asked calmly and gritting my teeth at the same time, trying to hold back my desire to protest throughout the house with pickets that say things like ‘Down With Child Labor’ or ‘Unfair’ or ‘Busy Work Doesn’t Work’ or ‘Have Mercy’.

“Because it will help you to understand how a sales letter is put together, how it flows, what it’s rhythm is.” He explained.

“Okaaaaaaay…” I grumbled as I put down the pickets in my head.

I sat down and started writing it out, copying it word for word, by hand. It took me two days of two long writing sessions to finish it. (I’m guessing 4-5 hours total)

I got writer’s cramp I don’t know how many times as I filled up almost an entire yellow notepad.

It was grueling.

It was eye opening.

It was exactly how I needed to learn what a good sales letter was all about.

Beyond learning the flow of a sales letter, it showed me the power of pen to paper connection.

I already knew about this connection through my daily morning pages practice, but this took it to a whole new level.

The pen to paper connection is much stronger and more powerful than typing.

If you ever feel stuck in your writing, I encourage you to sit down with a pen and paper and start writing that way.

It’s a very powerful process.

If you need to create time to write, join me today for National Writing Date Day. I’m going live in a couple hours in the Facebook Group at 2pm Eastern.

>> Join the group HERE <<

Showering you with braindrops and glitter.

Natalie Marie Collins
Business Coach + Magical Unicorn

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