When Mama Ain’t Happy…

Hey Magical One!

I woke up this morning feeling nurtured, loved and flat out amazing.


Because yesterday I went for my bi-weekly massage and reiki session. It’s not just any kind of massage…this chick knows her stuff. One of the best parts is that she knows how to trick the brain to get her clients into a deeper relaxation faster.

My brain is like…WTF?!?…and my muscles are like…yeeeeeesssssss!

That makes her technique unique and desireable.

Something you want for your business.

Then after my muscles are like jello, she does reiki, which basically turns me into mush.

Mushy gooey goodness!

During the reiki part of our session yesterday, she was inspired to rub her hands together and sprinkle glitter all over me (not real glitter – magical reiki glitter).

When she got the inspiration she questioned it asking ” Why in the world would I want to sprinkle glitter all over her?”

Then she remembered that I’m a magical unicorn and it all made sense. So, she went with it. It was exactly what I needed!

I’m not telling you this story to plug her services (however, if you’re ever in Atlanta and want an intro, let me know), I’m telling you this for two reasons. 1) Give your customers something unique and they will love you for it, and 2) Self care is super important.

I took the time out of my day to turn into goo and get esoteric glitter sprinkled all over me and feel amazing because of it.

When you get this deep satisfied happiness, it can be felt by everyone around you. Even your animals. It spills over into your business and the work you do with others. It oozes all over your family, your customers, your programs, everything.

Taking time out for you is the best thing you can do for everyone around you.

A writing date is also a form of self care. It’s telling yourself and others that it’s “me time” and when you’re done you’ll have something to share with the world. You’ll be a happier person because of it.

And let’s face it…when mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.

Do everyone around you a favor and do something that feeds your soul – like taking yourself on a Writing Date this Saturday.

Join HERE.

Showering you with braindrops and glitter.

Natalie Marie Collins
Business Coach + Magical Unicorn

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