How I Manifested My Dream Car In One Day

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Hi Magical One!

Remember that life celebrating dinner I told you about yesterday? Well on our way home from there, I casually mentioned to my husband Lee that the next car I get, I would like it to be a MINI Cooper.

Out of all the cars I’ve owned, I miss the MINI Cooper I had for a short time a few years ago. I knew that’s what I wanted again.

He thought that was a great idea (we’ve been looking to consolidate two cars into one) and suggested we go look the next day at the dealership to see what they had.

Here’s where things get interesting…

Right after that conversation we saw MINI Coopers everywhere. I parked next to one at the grocery store. We drove behind two on our way home, plus saw others in passing. I knew it was going to manifest quickly.

The next day we headed down to the MINI dealership. I described what I wanted to the salesman and we test drove 3 different styles. The MINI, Clubman and Countryman. In that order.

I specifically told him I wanted a dark blue one with a white top and the fully loaded package that included a backup camera and electric seats. I also wanted it to be roomier than the one I had had before and was open to whatever style that was.

The Clubman won. It had everything I was looking for, including a bit more room while still keeping the fun factor.

Then he started to search for my perfect car in their inventory and was shocked to find my perfect car – down to the color – pop up. That particular car hadn’t been there 5 minutes ago. I just smiled.

My car had perfect timing and we sealed the deal.

Here’s the lesson in this:

>>Be clear on what you want, set the intention for it and trust it will come with perfect timing.

>>By trusting it will come with perfect timing, it’s then up to you to start noticing the clues around you as they pop up and take action on them when the time is right.

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Stay High Vibe,
Natalie Marie Collins
Business Coach + Magical Unicorn

P.S. I named the MINI Maggie Laz. Maggie for a British version of Magic and Laz after the blue power stone Lapis Lazuli. She’s a blue magical unicorn! Hehe.

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