Is A Time Crunch Beneficial?

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Hey Magical One!

Last week I started something different with my diet. I started doing Intermittent Fasting.

Basically you only eat during an 8 hour window. The idea behind it is that when you only eat for 8 hours, you have 16 hours of resting time where your body can go into refresh, recharge and healing mode.

Something interesting happened with this over the weekend that surprised me.

I was eating an “okay, but kinda crappy” meal (yeah, it happens) and I found myself getting irritated and flat out pissy over it.


I realized during the meal that I was wasting part of my precious 8 hours on something I didn’t really want to eat.

This had me reflect on something a friend asked me when I told her I was doing this. She asked “Isn’t that normal eating times?”

Yes and no.

When I got pissy, this is what I realized…

Yes 8 hours (I chose 10am-6pm to start) is part of the normal eating hours, but what about early breakfasts and late dinners and even late night social events?

Yeah, those…they are not included. Then the answer becomes “No” because of the different random times most people eat.

Then what?

Then the time becomes much more precious and meaningful. It becomes a gift. I’ve found that I’m wanting to fill my eating window with balanced healthy things.

It’s creating a scarcity of time so that what I do with that time becomes more intentional.

Then I realized that the restricted time frame is actual a gift. A true, tremendous blessing.

It’s like when you know you only have 2 hours left to complete a project. Everything else gets put on hold while you cram to get it done in the time frame. The deadline became a gift to getting the project done.

Your time is precious. I invite you to start looking at how you are filling your valuable time and seeing if it’s being filled with things that are important to you.

Are you wasting it or filling it with what you really want in your life?

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