Top 3 Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Did you know there are a lot of freaking appointment schedulers out there?

I mean it feels like there is a bazillion!

It can be easy to get lost and overwhelming just looking for one that meets your needs.

If you do a lot of work online, like I do, and have to schedule meetings with other people, do yourself (and your client) a favor and eliminate all the back and forth emails by using an online calendar/appointment scheduler. It will make both of your lives so much easier.

Let me give you a couple examples of how it works…

Say you have a potential client you were just met online that is so freaking excited to talk to you about how you can help them that they are practically jumping up and down in their seat. They can’t wait to get started. You are happy to offer them a free consultation so you can get down to the nitty gritty about what it is they really need and you want to be sure to capture them during the excitement and get them to commit to a time.

You have a choice here. You can either…

A) Without an online appointment scheduler:

Send them an email (or Facebook message, or Skype message or wherever else you are chatting) with a list of times that work for you in the next couple of days. They send you a message back saying none of those times work, what do you have on XXX Days. Those days don’t work for you either, but you finally find a date and time two weeks from that day that will work for both of you.

Two weeks?!? Do you really want your potential client to wait two weeks just to talk with you? If you would have known that that is how it was going to turn out, would you have done something different? Maybe worked them into your schedule or sent them different times?

How much time did you just waste going back and forth with this person? Was it worth it?


B) With an online appointment scheduler:

Send them an email (or Facebook message, etc) with a link to your online calendar where they can see all of the options available. The calendar has already been preset to the times that you are available so all they have to do is select the time that would work best for them.

They select the time and send you a message back telling you it’s all done.

Look how much time and effort you saved just my streamlining the one process in your business! Wasn’t that easier?


I’ve been using an online calendar for several years now. Love them to bits and pieces. They make life sooooo much easier!

Here are my Top 3 Favorite Online Schedulers:

1. Acuity Scheduling

This online calendar is pumped full of different options, including the option to have someone to pay for a session, right then and there. It’s clean and very easy to use. By far my favorite calendar.

The free version has minimal options and I much prefer the paid version. I’m all about paying a little bit for something that can make me more in return. If you use an online calendar more than a couple times a month, I would definitely check this one out.

2. TimeTrade

This online appointment scheduler has been my go-to for years. Only because it’s free and will sync to your personal calendar. It’s not nearly as user friendly or pretty though, but I guess you get what you pay for.

If you don’t need bells and whistles, then this would be a great option for you.

3. vCita

Another great online calendar option that I see a lot on service provider’s websites down the corner that will pop up after a certain amount of time. Kinda spammy if you ask me, but some people like it. You can also add it to your Facebook page. It also syncs with your personal calendar and has invoicing system.

Check these out for yourself and see which one would work best for you.


21 Comments on “Top 3 Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software”

  1. Nicole Jensen

    Thanks for covering these! I’m currently working out if I’d prefer to use Acuity or vCita, although a third option is always handy to hear about.

    My site has Acuity on there at the moment, but I kinda do like the vCita button in the corner. It depends on website design for sure, whether it’s too much or a useful notice.

    Cheers, Nikki.

  2. Tracy

    Ooooh, I really like the look of Acuity!!! I’m using Time Trade which works, all-in-all, but the prettiness of Acuity
    may have me switching… soon 🙂 Thank You for the helpful article!

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  4. Tasia

    I looked through 20 different schedulers and settled for EZnet Scheduler. So far I love it! It has some great features like phone call notifications and stuff. Def one to check out.

  5. Nigel

    Natalie, THANK YOU, I have spent the last 3 weeks looking for the best schedule service and you have the best advise. I had checked over 25 services!
    Again, Thanks

  6. Jaejae

    You are my research lifesaver! Google and other search engines didn’t even give me these to check out. Thank you for sharing. I can’t stand the other overpriced scheduling software services that always seem to pop up! These are better. 🙂

  7. Anthony Kirlew

    Natalie, thanks for the recommendations. I did a Google search as a frustrated TimeTrade user (a paying user by the way). The calendar is very clunky and today it was not keeping my edits well. I put in a support ticket but before they could respond (since they don’t offer atter hours support) I have switched to Acuity.

    I looked at Calendly as well but the calendar there was horrible in my opinion. Perhaps I missed something, but Acuity makes it super clear. You just look at the whole calendar and see your availability (or change it).

    Cheers! Anthony

  8. Monica Hessle

    Thanks for all the tips! Personally, I like Meetbug ( which has a very nice and clean interface.


  9. Helen

    Hi, I am using and it appeared to be one of the best choices I looked through. All booking systems are either too poor in functionality and try to make you pay for the features you don’t need or very expensive. is very flexible and gives you a chance to pay only for the features you need. Very reasonable pricing for good service. Totally recommend!

    1. Natalie Marie Collins

      Thanks Helen! I haven’t heard of them. I’ll check them out. It sounds like they are worth looking into. 🙂

  10. Glenda Houstten

    Hi Natalie, I’m a big fan of your blog and as a salon owner I would just like to suggest the booking and appointment app/software that I’m using. It’s fully featured and a work in progress since they are still new but I kinda liked how they designed the app unlike the more popular brands that are overrated. I’ve been testing a lot of these softwares for months since i’ve been looking for something that’s perfect for my business. Anyway if anyone is interested their site if i’m not in any way related to them.

    1. Natalie Marie Collins

      Hi Helen!

      Pulse 24/7 looks like a fantastic option for people! Thanks so much for visiting and giving your suggestion!

  11. max

    For personal usage Termin3 android app is best app currently on market. We try ~30 apps and termin3 is absolutely the best.

  12. Perry

    I am using Pulse 24/7. Pulse 24/7 is best Online Appointment Scheduling Software. Handling schedules becomes more easier than the usual . booking is very hard for me after using this app I am very happy.

  13. margaret

    Thank you for this Natalie. Have just spent several hours trying to get something working that wouldn’t. ;-( Was looking at vCita and wanted other alternatives to it so I’d be happy with my decisions. Your suggestions plus a few others in the comments have helped me make up my mind and saved hours and so much hassle.

  14. Casey Sullivan

    Hi Natalie, I am the owner of, one of the bazillion scheduling companies 🙂 If you are into design (which it seems many of your readers are) you should check our app out. here is an example: The little modal that pops up is a standard option and we will even install it on a users site for them 🙂

    Plus we have a few really cool features that the others do not… example, when an appointment is made we automatically give you a link to all of your customers social profiles… so you can do a little recon before the appointment, find out where they work, friends in common, their interest etc. There are other cool features too, but that one is pretty awesome!

  15. Visha

    I just tried Pulse 24/7 and had an instant impact with my company. My booking rate grew by 250%. I’m very happy right now. I made the right decision. thanks to this page as this is where I found about that app.

  16. Rosey

    Hi Natalie, thanks for this article! I can add one tool I know and I highly recommend – it’s, a web-based appointment scheduling tool which saves a lot of time.

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