Join Me On A Writing Date!

Hey There!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a very busy entrepreneur who has, what feels like, a million things going on and a huge message to share. That requires me to write a lot and let’s face it, focus can be hard to come by these days.

I have found that creating a parallel universe for us to work together in, holding that virtual space for each other to work together on a call is a godsend to our creativity and focus!

The more that join, the more powerful the energy.

It’s grounding, magical, goes by in a flash and complimentary.

Join Kristen Joy Laiding and I every Tuesday morning at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific for a weekly Writing Date. We all will hold a space and time for you to get to your writing.

Bring a project you’ve been putting off, your next novel masterpiece, or even your next blog post. There will be about 5 minutes of friendly hellos and setting the intentions and goal for what you want to accomplish, then you get a timer for 50 minutes of focused quiet time to work on your projects (you’ll hear me working along with you in the background), and celebration time at the end for a job well done.

These calls are not recorded, this is a real time event.


National Writing Date Day

The first Saturday in September is National Writing Date Day and I invite you join me for an hour and get some writing done! The registration is the same for the weekly writing date.

What is a Writing Date?

A Writing Date is a specific time you set aside for yourself to focus on writing. This is a time where you leave the house and go somewhere you enjoy (like a coffee shop, cafe, the local library or park) by yourself to get some writing done. It only needs to be for an hour or two (or three if you really want to).

How do I go on a Writing Date?

There are lots of different ways. I wrote about it for you to walk you through the process, step-by-step. You can read it HERE.

What are the benefits of a Writing Date?

That’s a great question, sweets! Let me list a few here for you…

  1. Focused time that seems to trick your brain into thinking it’s running some kind of marathon or something. You will be amazed at how much writing you can accomplish during a Writing Date.
  2. You get to take yourself out for a treat, like that double caramel, triple shot macchiato you’ve been saving up your calorie bank for. (My personal favorite is a chai tea latte with almond milk)
  3. You get to enjoy scrumptious (and also probably greatly needed) alone time in public and it’s not weird or awkward. This is nothing like sitting in a restaurant all alone feeling bad for yourself because nobody wanted to come with you…NO!…This is the time for you and your laptop to enjoy some precious one-on-one time.
  4. Be able to finally get that blog post you’ve been meaning to write or that book chapter knocked out. It’s your quick-typing finger’s time to shine, baby!
  5. You will walk out of that place with a deeper sense of accomplishment that you never knew you could get inside an hour. You can do this!

Is that enough yumminess for you, love? Here’s the lowdown on how National Writing Date Day works: On the first Saturday in September, we will all get together by the magic of the internet (which also means we still stick to the point of being alone… in person at least) through a closed Facebook group and email updates. If you wanna be a part of all the productive fun, just click the button below and tell me so! Be sure to share the love on Twitter by using the hashtag #writingdate

On the first Saturday in September, there will be all kinds of fun going on. We will be live in the Facebook group where you can join in on and see what everyone else is up to. Be sure to click on the pink button to join so you can stay up to date on the when and where the action is gonna be. Not to mention there are several groups already forming to have group writing dates!

Group Writing Dates

If you know a group of writers (or want to start your own group) in your area, this is a great way to get together for some fun, hard core writing time. Make a party out of it! Writing Dates are not just for National Writing Date Day, you can have them whenever you need to take a break from your regular life, get together with your pals and crank some words out!