Align Your Business With Your Design

It's much easier than you think...


There's So Much Magic In You

It's Time To Activate It.

I’m here to show you how


Hey there,

I know we haven’t met before, but I can guarantee that I love you already.

You see, you have a unique blueprint that, through understanding how it works, shows you how different and fascinating you really are.

There are 3 parts to your blueprint that together we’ll discover:

  1. Your Element (How you energetically express yourself)
  2. Your Human Design (How you’re designed to be + how your body’s intuition works)
  3. Your Alignment (Success in being who YOU really are)

Bring these together within your life and business, and your brilliance will shine like never before.

I can’t wait to show you how.

Let me explain…

Can you imagine waking up in the morning excited about life, with clarity of purpose and ready to serve the way you’re created to?

When you start learning how you’re designed to be and interact with the world (Your Human Design), then get really clear on how your own Inner Authority works (that intuition that won’t steer you wrong) so you can take your power back, have FUN, and finally brand yourself in your truth (Your Element) so others resonate with the real you, you become ALIGNED with who you really are.

When you become aligned with the real you, your dream clients can finally see YOU and that your uniqueness is exactly what they need.

It works like this…

Element + Human Design + Alignment


Your Brilliance Blueprint

“Working with Natalie was like having several coaches rolled up into one. With her knowledge of everything from Human Design and the creative process to Facebook Ads and funnels, she always had a resource or a strategy I could put into practice right away. When I started working with Natalie, I knew I wanted to transition my business to include more products, but I wasn’t sure it was possible. Natalie coached me to create a concrete plan that played to my strengths and allowed me to earn more money while doing work I love. There’s nothing like working with a coach who actually hears you.”

Candice L. Davis