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a/k/a The Red Queen
Natalie believes that in each of us there is an energetic blueprint that makes us all different and unique. Those differences aren’t always seen as the gifts they are in the beginning and they are get locked away, becoming our shadow selves.
These shadows are ready to become the luminous, incredible light they are here to be.
It’s going to take some work to get them out of the shadows and shining brightly.
When our dark side is embraced and integrated into the light side, the result of the merging becomes a beautiful and powerful red that sets the foundation for everything we are capable of doing and becoming.
When Natalie integrated her shadow self and higher self together, she became The Red Queen. She then created The Red Academy, your gateway into discovering your own power, who you’re here to become, and how to use it in business and life.
Can you imagine waking up in the morning excited about life, with clarity of purpose and ready to serve the way you’re created to?
When you start learning how you’re designed to be and interact with the world (Your Human Design), then get really clear on how your own Inner Authority works (that intuition that won’t steer you wrong) so you can take your power back, have FUN, and finally break free from the patterns, emotions, and traumas that take your light away (BioField Tuning), you become ATTUNED with who you really are.
When you become attuned with the real you, your dream clients can finally see YOU and that your uniqueness is exactly what they need. This is the space where there is no competition with others because your unique gifts, your light, is exactly what others need from you.

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Working with Natalie was like having several coaches rolled up into one. With her knowledge of everything from Human Design and the creative process to Facebook Ads and funnels, she always had a resource or a strategy I could put into practice right away. When I started working with Natalie, I knew I wanted to transition my business to include more products, but I wasn’t sure it was possible. Natalie coached me to create a concrete plan that played to my strengths and allowed me to earn more money while doing work I love. There’s nothing like working with a coach who actually hears you.


Candice L. Davis
Working with Natalie has shifted my business and my personal life in so many ways!


I love that Natalie comes from a human design perspective, helping me align my business to my personal human design. The tips and strategies she gives are framed within my design, allowing me to integrate them easier and with less resistance. Natalie’s knowledge of key technology pieces has been so helpful! She’s helped me navigate Kartra, Acuity, Facebook lives, and Zoom with much more ease and speed than I have on my own. We’ve mapped out funnels and strategies, branding, business structures, ways of serving clients, and so much more.I love that she “gets” the energy work and spiritual nature of my business, integrating tools that align with my design and the “woo-woo” nature of my work.


While I initially sought to work with Natalie from a business perspective, she’s also helped me immensely in my personal life as well. We dig deep into my personal human design and how to use it not only in my business, but also in relationships, health, wellness, and routines. She has a wealth of knowledge in personal development, time management, practices to improve my productivity, and more.


Natalie has quickly become my “go-to” person for virtually anything in both my business and personal life, and I’m so grateful!


-Amanda Campbell