13 Inspiring Quotes From 13 Inspiring Entrepreneurs

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Ahhhhhhh, inspirational quotes.

They can lift us up when we are feeling low and empower us when need it most.

There was a point in my life where I needed quotes just to help me out of bed in the mornings. I filled my Facebook newsfeed with them. I wrote them on my bathroom mirror. I set popups on my phone with quotes as reminders.

I needed inspiration to know that I could make it through the tough times.

That there was hope.

They gave me hope.

And now I want to share some of my recent favorites (13 to be exact) with you to give you the courage you need and to help let the light shine a little brighter inside you.




Regram from @claudiauhrig: “Trust your feeling #daniellelaporte #gettingreadyfor2016 #trustyourself”

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This has become my annual holiday post. I share it because I need the reminder that we are not alone in the mess. Every year as I think about my own life and reflect upon what my family and what many of the people around me are going through this Christmas, it’s clear that struggle doesn’t take off for the holidays. The gremlins don’t go on vacation. Checks bounce, chemotherapy appointments are scheduled, interventions are planned, relationships keep unravelling, being alone feels even lonelier, parents negotiate who will have the kids on Christmas morning, and the “never enoughs” are in full swing. As I prepare to spend the next few days with my family and friends I come back to this: I will find my holiday magic in the mess. I will practice love and gratitude with the special group of folks who keep showing up and loving me, not despite my vulnerabilities, but because of them. I’m grateful for our community. For your generosity and the respectful way we move forward together! Blessings, Brené

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I believe in this one so whole heartedly. I’ve seen it in action. It’s like magic.





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What would change if you believed this?

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Beautiful, right? Well guess what honey…so are YOU!

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