A Great Free Video Capture Tool You Can Add Inside Gmail

Hey Magical One!

Do those big scary video tools freak you out when you just want to record a simple screen share?

Now they don’t have to!

I was introduced to this super simple easy-to-get-started-with free video capture tool that is -to make it even easier- a Google Chrome Extension.

Perfect for everyone, including creatives who hate all things tech.


I’ve had it for 1 day and here’s what I’ve done with it so far…

  • Created two team instructional video, one of which had my cat wanting to be in the video as well. View the
  • Sent two Gmail emails with videos embedded into them. Yes, it plays from INSIDE the email!
  • Created another video showing how cool this tool is. (See below)

For someone who only periodically creates video, I’d say that’s a big deal. It’s been super fun and easy to use. Watch the video below to see more. Below the video I list out all the benefits and features it has, and one thing I wish it had.

Here is my link:

All the cool things Loom has to offer:

  • Record your full screen, Chrome browser tab, or full camera options.
  • Shareable link goes directly to your video with additional features such as:
    • description box option
    • comment area
    • social media sharing
    • embedding code (how I got the video above on this page)
    • password protection option
    • see above video on it’s sharable link page HERE (so you can see what I mean)
  • Loads of integrations (meaning if you add your URL inside one of these platforms it plays directly inside the platform):
    • Gmail
    • Intercom
    • Trello
    • GitHub
    • Asana
    • Basecamp
    • JIRA
    • Google Docs
    • Hacker News
    • Confluence
    • InVision App
    • Dropbox
    • Product Hunt
    • GitLab
    • Salesforce
    • Salesforce IQ
  • Create a video straight inside of Gmail that can be played inside your email. (!!!)
  • Makes you look GOOD!

One thing I wish Loom had:

  • The ability to do screen shots/capture like Jing does. This would make them my ultimate hero. (People at Loom – if you see this, can you please make it happen?!?)

With all this said, I hope you give Loom a try. And when you do, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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