a/k/a The Red Queen
Natalie believes that in each of us there is an energetic blueprint that makes us all different and unique. Those differences aren’t always seen as the gifts they are in the beginning and they are get locked away, becoming our shadow selves.
These shadows are ready to become the luminous, incredible light they are here to be.
It’s going to take some work to get them out of the shadows and shining brightly.
When our dark side is embraced and integrated into the light side, the result of the merging becomes a beautiful and powerful red that sets the foundation for everything we are capable of doing and becoming.
When Natalie integrated her shadow self and higher self together, she became The Red Queen. She then created The Red Academy, your gateway into discovering your own power, who you’re here to become, and how to use it in business and life. Read more about this in The Red Academy section below.
Natalie comes from a 13-year corporate background and has been coaching entrepreneurs since 2012. She is also an intuitive, psychic medium, and sound therapist.

Core Belief & Mission

I believe that there are better ways to do things in business and life.

My mission is to show up and hold a safe and trusting space for my clients so they can grow into their true potential. I view people, their business and potential as living pieces of art.

I have a gift of reorganizing energy, whether that’s in business, life, or inside the energetic body. All of them hold the blueprint of our potential and I help others adjust and find that path for themselves.

Human Design

When I was first introduced to Human Design, I had no idea that this information would change my entire life and the way I do business. It showed me who I am here to be, how to listen to my truth, where to find that truth in my body, and gave me a strategy to follow to help me be in the magical flow of life.

What it also showed me is where I pick up other people’s emotions, fears, voices, pressure, and ideas around what work should be. Not only pick them up, but amplify and distort them in a way that can completely throw me off kilter. What it also taught me is that these were the lessons I was here to learn. It’s where my greatest wisdom potential is.

I learned what my marketing message is, how I’m designed to shine, my genius zone, what grounds and stabilizes me, my vocation, and even my life path and soul mission.

For example…

  • My marketing message is to share logical solutions.
  • I’m designed to shine through caring, nurturing, and helping people be accountable in their work.
  • My genius zone is guiding others step-by-step in their right direction.
  • I’m designed to follow my heart and lead the way for others.
  • My purpose is to be a spiritual teacher and transformational leader, and to take big abstract concepts and explain them in logical, practical ways.
  • I’m designed to experiment with things like a scientist and share what works with others.

For me these are profound and life changing, giving me the knowing that the more I am myself, the more others benefit. It’s empowering and liberating.

I offer Human Design Readings to share these same findings with those who are ready to hear it.

BioField Tuning

One day my husband was talking to a client and this client shared with him that whenever he comes up against an emotional block, he gets it tuned out. This saves him years of going to therapy and just gets rid of it. My husband really liked the sound of this and scheduled his own session. While he was in his remote session and in the comfort of his own bed, I was on the other side of the house and about 40 minutes into the session felt this large blast of energy come from that direction. I had never felt anything like it before and it had all of my senses at attention and very excited.

When he came out of his session, I couldn’t wait to hear all about what he experienced and what in the world that large blast of energy was.

Turns out the Tuner who worked on him, hit a giant wall in his aura with a tuning fork, and was able to blast through it. The large blast of energy was her hitting a literal energetic wall and crumbled it. In all the years he’s been doing the work on himself, seeing many many healers, nobody had ever been able to even come close to that wall he had around his heart. Until now…

I knew I had to get one of these mysterious tuning fork sessions for myself, so I went to someone who was local to me so I could experience it in person. In my session, I felt energy running through me in ways I had never felt before and it felt incredible. On my way home from the appointment, my heart chakra all of a sudden felt like it exploded out of my chest and became strong, powerful, and sassy all at the same time. It was a bit shocking for me to feel because this feeling, this energy, was that of the very strong and sassy teenager I used to be…the person I was before I became emotionally damaged and shut down. My inner authority came back on line and was stronger than ever.

The tuning fork reset my inner authority to factory settings. To how it should be.

I was shocked and knew I had to learn how to do this for others as well. I felt this was a strong missing piece to being able to decondition to what others have put onto us, shut us down, and even traumatized us with.

It allows us to become our light and bright selves again!

I’ve since learned that it can even address blockages and patterns that have been put on us through past generations before we were even born.

This can be very very healing for people because it can eliminate the emotional root cause of things like pain, discomfort, negativity, emotional eating, digestive issues, migraines, and countless other issues.

I now offer BioField Tunings as a professionally trained certified practitioner for those who feel ready to release the emotional patterns that are holding them back, update the body’s software, and to help reset the body back to factory settings.

The Red Academy

One day I felt the call to close my eyes and sink into a meditation. As I did this I saw my shadow self appear to my left in a black dress and deep fear and rage in her eyes.

She started to scream and yell at me, telling me all the reasons why she couldn’t come out of the shadows, how it wasn’t safe for her to be seen, let alone safe for her to express herself. As painful and uncomfortable as it was to hear all of the pain she was expressing, I knew I needed to just listen and let her express herself. I held the space for her to let it all out.

As I listened, I saw appear to my right, a celestial being in an all white dress. She was my higher self. She too listened and held the space for my shadow self to share all her fears.

As my shadow self came to her completion, my higher self stepped towards her and as she did, she held out her arms, inviting my shadow self into a hug. As my shadow self accepted this invitation, she stepped forward, embraced my higher self, and the two of them held each other, then melted together into one.

As they integrated the black with the white, they turned into an incredible pure red and before me stood…me…in a stunning red dress.

Then I heard “You are now The Red Queen”.

When I came out of the meditation, this powerful image of myself in a red dress, I knew I had integrated these two split parts of myself into something powerful, regal, and whole.

This became the foundation of what The Red Academy is all about. Finding our shadow side, finding the bravery to face the pain it’s endured from not being able to be itself, loving and accepting ourselves through the process, and integrating them back into ourselves to become strong and whole. Then shining that light out with confidence in our business and life.