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Meet your host Natalie Collins as she starts the conversation with you about Human Design and shares her very personal story about how she first met her Inner Authority and changed her life.

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Hello and welcome to the very first Activating Magic Podcast episode. I’m your host Natalie Collins and throughout this podcast I want this to be a conversation about how you’re designed to operate and show up in the world through the lens of Human Design and how to apply this fascinating information to not only your everyday life, but to your business as well. 

You see, I’m a Business Coach and I firmly believe that the more you understand about yourself, the better you can show up as the person you are here to be, and build a business around the value and magic that you’re here to share. 

There is so much magic in you. Just waiting to be revealed and shared with the world.

Problem is, most people don’t realize they are magic, but somewhere deep inside of you, you know you are.

The trick is knowing how to access and activate that magic.

Human Design shows us how.

So, what is Human Design exactly? 

In essence, it’s your Energetic Blueprint or User Manual For Life.

It’s a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences being Astrology, the I-Ching, the Hindu Chakra System, Kabbala, and Quantum Physics.

It shows you how unique you are and how you’re uniquely designed to operate and interact with this world. It guides you to live in a way that’s in sync with who you really are. 

How exactly?

Well, I’ll tell you.

Because that’s what this podcast is all about. 

It’s all about exploring just that.

Why is Human Design so important?

The most profound piece that I’ve found in Human Design has been what’s called your Inner Authority.

You see, Human Design teaches us how to listen to ourselves so we can make the right decisions that are correct for us. Decisions you can trust. 


I’ll warn you though, that is isn’t an easy task. It’s simple in its essence, but complicated to execute.


Because we’ve been trained our entire lives to make decisions from our mind. To make logical, rational choices that make sense. To think things through. To just take action. 

That’s the old way.

Human Design teaches us that in 1781, it’s also when Uranus was discovered, we mutated and evolved from a 7 centered being to a 9 centered being. Our chakra system split and got an upgrade from a Saturian body to a Uranian body. Giving us a longer life span and a different decision making process that until it was revealed to Ra Uru Hu in 1987, we didn’t know about and have been kinda flailing about with.

Our decision making process evolved from the mind to the body using what’s called Strategy and Authority. 

Things we will explore in this podcast.

And we’ve been making this transition ever since.

In 2027, in only 7 years, the transition will be complete and we’ll be moving from the Cross of Planning into the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix or Age of Self-Empowerment where another mutation is said to occur.

When this transition happens we’ll be shifting out of tribal energy and into individual energy.

It takes 7 years of experimenting and following our Strategy and Authority to decondition ourselves into who we really are. 

Into our own true magic.

This process is not for the faint of heart. Instead, it’s for those who are brave enough to go against the grain. If you are feeling the call to move in this direction, like I am, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve had glimpses of my own inner authority in the past.

At times it’s been strong and then for years it was crushed.

Somewhere in my childhood it was impressed upon me that I wasn’t good enough. Smart enough. Pretty enough.

That I wasn’t enough.

That in some way my existence wasn’t enough.

Throughout my teenage years, I never felt that like I truly fit in. I was (and still am) very open spiritually and growing up in Utah as a Mormon in the dense Mormon community didn’t feel right to me and I rebelled, refusing to go to church for years.

The Mormon tradition is to multiply and replenish the earth. This put massive amounts of pressure on the youth to get married right out of high school and if that doesn’t happen, for women to go to college and get an education as a backup plan to being a stay at home mom. 

I, in no way, wanted to be a part of this type of lifestyle and knew there was much more out there for me. That life was calling me for something else. 

But I didn’t know what. 

What I did know is that I didn’t think anyone would want to marry me and I definitely didn’t want kids. Mainly because I didn’t think I could ever be a good mom. I wasn’t one of those kids who played with baby dolls. I preferred playing with animals. They were much easier for me to take care of and I just got them.

So, when I met my now ex-husband and he wanted to get married quickly after we met, I was swept off my feet and married at 18, more or less because I was flattered and surprised that anyone could fall in love with me and would want to marry me.

Soon after he convinced me that we needed to have a child right away.

I fought this as hard as I could, but it became unsafe for me to continue to fight, so I gave in and got off my birth control pills. 

A month later, I completely freaked out and secretly got back on them. I didn’t have the ability at the time to know how to deal with this kind of emotional turmoil and pressure.

Shortly after he found out and was pissed. It scared me and I agreed to go off of them again. Not knowing how to truly stand in my power and fight at the very real risk of being a statistic. 

Two weeks later I was pregnant.

I was devastated.

I was devastated because I was only 18. Not ready to have a child. Scared to death that I would completely mess up this child’s life and mine. 

I had betrayed myself.

I hadn’t listened to myself.

I didn’t have the tools to deal with this.

I was crushed.

And I felt very very stupid and ashamed. 

Fast forward through 13 years of turmoil, depression, suicidal thoughts, another child, and tremendous weight gain, something inside of me clicked when I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror through my pudgy cheeks. 

Thank God it turned out I was actually a good mom and they had a pretty normal childhood. 

I decided to get my act together and get healthy.

I lost 40 pounds in 4 months eating healthy foods and was back to high school skinny.

Through this process, what I didn’t expect was that was during my Saturn Return and it threw me into my spiritual awakening – the path I was suppose to be on.

I had the realization that all of this negativity I had endured was because I allowed it. That I had the power to change it. So I did.

Then came the day that I needed to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. I was miserable living the traditional married life with 2 kids in a 9-5 office job with a nice house and cars and nice payments to go with them. 

I was exhausted and burnt out.

I needed to make the decision of if I was going to ask for a divorce or if I was going to go all in and give it everything that I could.

I closed my eyes and imagined what my life would look like if I got a divorce. Immediately my entire body became joyful and giddy. I may have even let out a little laugh. 

Next I imagined if I stayed in the marriage and gave it my all. Instantly my entire body shrunk and I became deeply depressed. All of this in a matter of seconds. The change was so dramatic it shocked me. 

I knew right then and there that I had become healthy enough and happy enough with myself that I could no longer stay in that relationship. 

I had to leave. 

But could I? 

Could I trust myself to make such a big life decision? 

Was I worth it? 

I realized in that moment that I loved myself too much to subject myself to a life that was no longer mine to live.

I would be abusing myself if I stayed in it and I couldn’t do that to myself.

This was my first real taste of my Ego Inner Authority and the power it has.

I knew I had to follow it no matter what. 

Shortly after we got a divorce. 

I was ecstatic. For the first time in my adult life I was on my own. A big nerve repacking, yes, but I was so full of joy it didn’t bother me or get me down.

Shortly after that I met Lee, the love of my life, and my life got even better. He taught me how to be an entrepreneur, something I was longing to do but didn’t know how to. He also taught me what it means to love and be loved by a partner.

After listening to my inner authority, my life became better than I had ever imagined it could be on that day I listened to myself. It became magical. 

When I was introduced to Human Design 4 years ago, it finally gave me words and understanding as to what I had experienced on that fateful day. It showed me how my unique Inner Authority works and how mine works radically differently than others and that there are actually 8 different authorities and when combined with the correct strategy, it changes everything.

Including how you do business.

It’s empowering and you’ll finally feel understood so you can become who you came here to be.

I want this magic for you too. 

Helping you get out of feeling misunderstood and misaligned, step out from hiding, activate your magic, and build a wildly successful, freedom based, and value giving business is what this podcast is all about. We’ll start diving into the details in the next episode. Until then, bye for now. 

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