I swear Sacral Authority Generators have it sooooo easy….

All they have to do is sit back and respond with their “Uh-hu” for yes or “Uh-un” for no and follow that.

When they do, things magically start to fall into place for them.

Simple as that.

Well, almost…

As easy and simple as it sounds, it’s a total mind trip, making it quite difficult for most to trust that they can follow it.

We are taught and conditioned from day 1 to make decisions from our mind. To think things through and make the logical, rational choices.

This has reeked havoc on so many people’s ability to be able to trust themselves and their own decisions, crushing their self esteem in the process.

Human Design teaches us that we’re not designed to make decisions from our mind.

We are designed to make decisions from our Inner Authority first, and then the mind can get to work conceptualizing, putting the pieces into place, and thinking it through.

The mind is designed to take it’s initial guidance and direction from our Inner Authority first. Not the other way around.

This has been tripping us up since 1781, when we evolved from 7 centered beings (mind as authority) to 9 centered beings (Inner Authority Activated).

Sacral Authority Generators are designed to make decisions from their sacral gut space by responding. Responding not to what sounds rational and logical to their brain, but by what grunts comes from their gut.

When Sara discovered that she’s designed to make decisions this way during a coaching session with me, she started to trust herself that her big scary (to her brain) “UH-HU YES!” was her truth, the confidence to make it happened surged throughout her.

What happened next?

Everything changed for her.

In this interview she shares her incredible story of what it was like before she discovered her Inner Authority, what she knew she needed to do when it spoke to her, how her husband reacted, and how it’s completely shifted her business for the better.

Here’s Sara’s Human Design Chart:

Prefer to listen to the audio? Listen below:

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Sara Oblak Speicher is a Sacral Authority Generator and the brilliant mentor behind makeyourlifeyourlegacy.com and the creator of the Intentional Impact Program where she takes business owner around the globe on a travel journey to elevate your experiences and bring out the impact your here to make in the world while soaking up the incredible scenery.

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