Anger Is Not A Negative Emotion

Anger is not a negative emotion.

I was doing an attunement on a client last week and her body wanted us to work on the things that were holding her back.The tuning fork found what I call “Pandora’s Box”.

Pandora’s Box is a hidden box of uncontrollable rage and anger. It’s where feelings get stuffed down around times in our lives where things were done to us out of our control and we became victim to it. A real victim. Not the false “victim mentality” stuff. I’m talking about truly being a victim to someone else and not having the tools, support, or maybe even ability to be able to stand up for ourselves and the time it happened.

The anger and rage from being so wronged and put in a place of being a victim can feel highly volatile and too dangerous to express.

What happened at the time took away a piece of us, our dignity, our right to choose, and ultimately our light.

Maybe at the time it happened, it wasn’t safe to express the anger because that would only make things worse.

So we do what we can with the tools that we have at the time. Finding a Pandora’s Box means that person didn’t feel safe to express their anger and rage when the experience happened, so they boxed it up and buried it as deep as they could go.It then gets covered up with shame, blame, guilt, shutdown, repression, depression, and on and on and on with the layers.All of these emotions can be viewed as negative.

Especially anger.

Anger is not a negative emotion. It is not unhealthy. It is unhealthy to HARBOR ANGER.

Anger itself is a very good emotion to have when it’s allowed to be felt and expressed in a healthy way.

Anger moves things forward and gets things done.Anger gets us out of complacency and our comfort zone.

Anger shows us where things are going wrong.

Anger is highly motivating.

Anger is fuel!

These are not bad things.

Yet, when we have harbored anger and haven’t faced it, dealt with it, and transformed it, anger becomes volatile, dangerous, and can feel very very unsafe to express and be around.It can be terrifying to face because it feels so out of control.

When the tuning fork hits that Pandora’s Box, it’s asking to be felt, faced, and dealt with. It doesn’t want to stay harbored anymore. It’s asking to be moved out.

And when it comes up to be faced head on….yes, it feels very out of control, but it won’t last long.When it moves out, you become truly free.

Free from feeling the anger and rage of being wronged, of being victim to something or someone you didn’t have the tools to be able to deal with at the time.

Free from the suppression it put onto you.

Free from the chaos it created.

Free from harboring it.


This creates such a deep level of healing that I’m excited to see the changes it not only makes in us on an individual level, but how it effects how we are able interact with others, to do business, and even on a global scale of being able to heal major issues such as racism.

Yes, racism.

THIS is how we start to heal.

If you’re ready to start your healing (and maybe even ready to open your Pandora’s Box), schedule your own private attunement session HERE.

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