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I have been grounding almost daily since our meeting. It is so rejuvenating again! I'm feeling more confident in my own skin and my anxiety is almost entirely gone. I feel so much better! Thank you for your help! ❤️
Laura Smith
I was so excited to learn from Natalie about BioField Tuning, and was looking forward to being in person with her at some point, so I could experience an attunement. I was surprised to find out that she offered them over Zoom, too! I did not know what to expect, but I had some idea that it would be better in person. Woah, was I shocked and surprised when I could feel the tuning forks in my body across the miles!!!! I am still blown away by how powerfully my body felt it - the next day it felt like I’d had a deep tissue massage. I was not surprised that Natalie was fully capable of initiating potent and deep restorative healing - as I know this to be the essence of her way of being in this world. The molecules in my body and my aura feel so clean and light. I feel aligned on a cellular level. This experience has been deeply supportive of the healing and alignment work I have been doing on a conscious level. What an incredible tool for bringing conscious intentions into the body’s way of being. Thank you, Natalie! I cannot recommend your work enough.
Nova Om
Human Design Coach