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Natalie is a gifted intuitive and visionary healer with a huge heart and a no nonsense practical side that is grounded and promptly refreshing. As someone who does healing work myself, I have long searched for a kindred soul who can assist me in continuing to attune to higher consciousness, unlock my natural voice, help me align with my highest calling as a visionary leader and continue deepening my trust in my own intuition. I think of Natalie as my secret superpower and health insurance with wings!! During my distance and biofield "tune-ups" I find myself smiling a lot in relief and awe. I love how the tuning forks "play" my body like an instrument and that Natalie offers a recording of our time together so I can just relax. Such great self-care this is in these pivotal times we are living in! In the days and weeks following, I enjoy feeling an extraordinary lightness of being, laser-like mental clarity, the absence of joint pain, enhanced creative flow and an unshakeable anchoredness that finds me feeling confident that I will, in turn, be providing my own clients with transformational experiences as the next highest version of myself.
Pamela Jay
Natural Voice Empowerment Guide and Soul-Led Leadership Mentor
I had an amazing Biofield Tuning session with Natalie recently. During a business coaching session, both of us noticed my throat chakra was blocked and needed clearing so I have the courage to speak my truth in a voice that can be heard. Throat issues have haunted me since childhood and I often had to repeat my answers in school several times so kids in the back of the classroom could hear me. Thanks to Natalie and her wise, knowledgable way of being, I felt as though I were in a calm, caring and compassionate cocoon of love. I felt safe and comfortable to release my own and other’s energies that have been in my aura this whole lifetime and past lives too. My being and the Divine continued working on me after the session. I now understand the session served as a catalyst to a spiritual initiation I was in the midst of and the tuning took the initiation to a much deeper level. Several days later when the integration process continued to feel intense, I contacted Natalie and asked for suggestions on how to handle the intensity. She was totally supportive. She sent me the session recording, suggested sections to listen to and checked up on me. I have been an energy healer for decades and I can honestly say this Biofield Tuning session with Natalie was one of the most profound energetic healing experiences I have ever had. Thank you Natalie.
Catherine Walters
Spiritual Guide
I have been grounding almost daily since our meeting. It is so rejuvenating again! I'm feeling more confident in my own skin and my anxiety is almost entirely gone. I feel so much better! Thank you for your help! ❤️
Laura Smith
I was so excited to learn from Natalie about BioField Tuning, and was looking forward to being in person with her at some point, so I could experience an attunement. I was surprised to find out that she offered them over Zoom, too! I did not know what to expect, but I had some idea that it would be better in person. Woah, was I shocked and surprised when I could feel the tuning forks in my body across the miles!!!! I am still blown away by how powerfully my body felt it - the next day it felt like I’d had a deep tissue massage. I was not surprised that Natalie was fully capable of initiating potent and deep restorative healing - as I know this to be the essence of her way of being in this world. The molecules in my body and my aura feel so clean and light. I feel aligned on a cellular level. This experience has been deeply supportive of the healing and alignment work I have been doing on a conscious level. What an incredible tool for bringing conscious intentions into the body’s way of being. Thank you, Natalie! I cannot recommend your work enough.
Nova Om
Human Design Coach