Your Human Design Decision Making Process

Each of us are uniquely designed and also equipped with deeply profound way of making our own decisions. Some can make split second decisions, and some need time to process. Getting your Human Design chart pulled (all you need is your birth info) will let you know your decision making […]

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How To Lean Into Your Potential

Do you hear it? That knock on the preverbal door from your soul telling you there is something more, something bigger out there for you to do and discover. All you have to do is open the door and step through. Easier said than done, right? I know because I […]

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How To Hack Your Brain To Complete Your Goals

My husband and I were having an interesting conversation about goals and completing them. Here’s what started it: I recently completed the Digital Biz Plan Book course and have started marketing it through the Repeat Profit System (RPS). I created a 4 day flash sale for it, it sold beautifully, […]

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Why You Don’t Achieve Your Goals

What we think we want, and what we truly want are completely different. We think we want things like a new house, bright shinny car, that iPad Pro that will be so fun to play with. That big paycheck…. But deep down at our soul level those aren’t the things […]

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The Deeper Side of Entrepreneurship

We are divine souls having a human experience. The mind thinks that it’s in control, when it’s really not. The soul is. But the mind wants to take over, so the soul waits. It waits to be heard and listened to. It wait for the mind to start asking questions. […]

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Why I Switched To ConvertKit

I’ve been on a mission of honesty with myself and discovering how important it is to listen to the true answer from deep within instead of making quick logic based decisions as my default go-to. I’ve also been on a mission to simplify and minimize every aspect of my business […]

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How Writing Meditations Came To Be

When I first thought up Writing Mediations, I was in the middle of Writing Meditation, but I didn’t know that that’s what I was doing, or that it is their name. I have been working with a Divine Soul Coach to help me get to my most vulnerable, deepest, most […]

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