Is Your Business Just A Hobby?

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Hey Magical [First Name]!

I have a client who makes the most beautiful necklaces and bracelets. They are carefully crafted with the highest quality round stone beads that work together both visually and energetically to give the wearer the best benefits.

On top of that she cleans the stones of any negative juju and infuses them with reiki – the good juju.

I own one of her bracelets and my husband has two. (I swear he likes jewlery more than I do) It’s as if they speak to the person they are meant for – which is why he has two.

She puts the highest amount of love and care into these things and it shows.

I mean, I watch people go gaga over these and some owners never take them off they love them so much.

That says something!

When she came to me for coaching, I was beyond excited to help her.

We started making plans for her marketing and growth and she started taking action. About two weeks into it, she realized I was helping her turn her little jewelry making hobby into a real business.

It kind of freaked her out. I was helping her to grow up and step into her power. It was a bit scary for her to realize.

There is a mindset shift that happens between having a hobby and having a business.

This goes for any hobby business including writing, MLMs, Arts & Crafts, Amazon selling…all of it.

Look at what you have going on right now. Is it a hobby (meaning it’s not making any money yet or a minor amount) or are you bringing in enough cash from it to make it a viable business?

Are you committed to what you’re doing? Enough to fully step into it and make it “your thing”?

Are you ready to step out of hobby land and into business land?

These are some of the things I coached her through when she freaked out. If you’re in the same spot as she is and are ready to start getting serious about having a business, I thought you could use this as well.

If you need more of this kind of mindset shift every week to help you grow into your full potential, join us in the Success Circle.

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Showering you with braindrops and glitter.

Natalie Marie Collins
Business Coach + Magical Unicorn

P.S. Did you miss me yesterday? I missed you! My email to you is still in my head and didn’t get a chance to make it out of my fingers yet. I’m driving to a friend’s wedding starting this afternoon and will type it along my travels (while my husband drives) so you’ll have it in your inbox tomorrow. It’s more about manifesting and being careful with it – this juju is powerful stuff! Until then, I forgive myself for skipping a day. Life happens. Even to magical unicorns. 😉

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