How is misalignment and disharmony showing up in your life?

Lost sales...Nightmare clients...Bombed launches...

I’m willing to bet that you’re not working within or in Alignment with your Element or Human Design (Your Energetic Blueprint), causing you to have misalignments all over the place.

Ugh. Bless your heart.

That makes life and business a bit difficult for you right now.

You may be frustrated and spinning your wheels, working long hours trying to figure out why things just aren’t working the way the goo-roos say it’s suppose to. Even when you’ve followed every step they teach to a T.

This can quickly lead to burn out.


You have too much to share with the world to have to deal with burn out on top of everything else.

Running a business that’s not aligned with your Brilliance Blueprint can really put a damper in your excitement to show up to your work the way you and your business needs you to.

Let’s get that fixed for you.

Your business is going to be just as unique as you are (it’s a reflection of you, after all). It’s time to draw out your brilliance so you can really start to live the way you’re designed to.

I’m here to help guide you into discovering your own unique path and then put practical steps into place to start making it all happen. In alignment with your Element and Human Design, creating your own Brilliance Blueprint.

I have a unique ability to be able to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not working for you, where your energy is off and when it’s in alignment (it’s in my Brilliance Blueprint!). I’m straightforward with my clients, hold the space for their big visions, help them get out of overwhelm, and guide them through building and improving their life and business one step at a time.

If we work together, here’s some things we will be doing:

Your Human Design

I’ll run your Human Design Chart (if you haven’t done so already) and tune into how your are designed to work inside your business to get you in alignment with who you are and the brilliance you’re here to share with the world.

We will put practical tools in place so you can create a business that feels amazing, are productive and creating what feels best for you.

Your Element

There are 4 Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each work differently and have their own unique branding style. We’ll discover your element together and you’ll learn how your element works to support you in your business and workflow.

I’ll walk you through how to brand yourself and your business so your ideal clients and customers start to see you for who you really are.

Your Strategies

We’ll map out the best business strategies for you that are in alignment with your Human Design and your Element, making the work you do a joy. Then determine what your big YESES are then what the next practical action steps are for you to do between our calls.

I’ll hold your hand throughout the entire process and never overload you with more than you can handle.

Your Plan

We’ll dive deep into what your content, courses, and marketing and create an action plan for putting it all together so your business will finally have the clarity and direction you’ve been longing for.

With each call, you’ll get accountability and exact next steps that are in alignment with where you are and achieving your goals.

Your Calls

Your calls will be up to you to schedule. We’ll work together to decide how many you feel you need and create a custom plan just for you.

If you feel that working with Natalie is something you want to explore, schedule a complementary call to talk to her directly and see if it’s right for you.

The weekly sessions that I had with Natalie completely opened me up to being myself fully on every page of my book [Beyond Words, now published and available on Amazon]. She steered me down some other avenues in my business that I am so grateful and happy for. She would listen to me talk, take notes, and then say "So this is what I hear" and because she's so intuitive, it would be right on. Exactly what I needed to write down and the plans that I needed to follow based on what was already within me. Thank you!

Michelle BernardFitness and Lifestyle Enthusiast

Before Natalie pointed out to me the process of a business cycle, I was hobbling from one idea to the next. Sure, I made money, sometimes even a LOT of money, but it wasn't on a consistent cycle. Since she helped me clarify my business cycle, I've made significant shifts to allow myself to make even more money during the cycle and permission to take it easy and serve my tribe on the "off" months. It's been an amazing transition to less stress and more fun in my business!

Kristen JoyThe Book Ninja

You inspire the shit out of me Natalie!! Every day working with you is like Christmas. You give me what I need to keep moving forward.

Liz FulcherAromatic Wisdom Institute

Working with Natalie was like having several coaches rolled up into one. With her knowledge of everything from Human Design and the creative process to Facebook Ads and funnels, she always had a resource or a strategy I could put into practice right away.

When I started working with Natalie, I knew I wanted to transition my business to include more products, but I wasn’t sure it was possible. Natalie coached me to create a concrete plan that played to my strengths and allowed me to earn more money while doing work I love. There’s nothing like working with a coach who actually hears you.

Candice L. DavisCandice L. Davis Author Coach and Success Coach / Go Write Something

Natalie is a world of knowledge - but not the dried up stuff we get drilled on and lectured in marketing classrooms. Her wisdom bank is always buzzing with up-to date input.I can see her gears turning when I talk about my business - and half the time I didn't even ask a question.It's just that she always can, and wants to make it better, whatever I'm working on - and she does! A single sentence from her has set me on the right rails...more than once.That comes from actually caring if you do well.She leads with her heart and doesn't just follow some success formula.

Mariya KarchevskayaGraphic Designer / The Good Designer

Natalie's energy is unmatched! I was blown away at her ability to see beyond the words and read between the lines along with her knowledge of solid strategies for business to the nitty gritty of how things actually work, the big picture and how everything comes together and flows. She helps you look inward so you can learn to trust yourself, helps you align everything, and is the steady anchor for it all.

Sara SpeicherBusiness Consultant