Why You Don’t Achieve Your Goals

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What we think we want, and what we truly want are completely different.

We think we want things like a new house, bright shinny car, that iPad Pro that will be so fun to play with. That big paycheck….

But deep down at our soul level those aren’t the things we truly want. What we truly want is fulfillment.

So, when it comes to planning – there are means goals and end goals.

Both are important to know and to keep in your focus because they move us forward, but when it comes to your true goal setting and what you want to achieve from life, only one truly matters.

The Means Goals.

Because the means goals comes from that deep soul level, there is an emotional vibration attached to it that brings you the deepest levels of joy and fulfillment that that iPad Pro can’t touch.

Planning with the means goals in mind will help you to quickly overcome so many of the obstacles and hurtles that get in the way with end goals. Possibilities open up that you would have never seen, and the world starts to shift in miraculous ways. Just by switching your goals to what is truly important to you!

In this video, Vishen Lakhiani explain in detail what the difference between end goals and means goals are and how you create your means goals quickly and easily. Below the video I’ll share a spreadsheet you can use to create your own means goals list.

Wasn’t that inspiring?

It really made me think from a completely different angle on what it is I’m truly working towards. It’s eye opening and liberating all at the same time, because the end goals become irrelevant, which is quite the relief.

Inside the Digital Biz Plan Book Course, I created a page in (the app I’m using for all of my digital planning now and show you how to use inside of the course) and made it so you can copy and paste it into your own account to make it easy for you to do the exercise Vishen gives you.

You can find the Page HERE.

If you would rather print it off, click here to download the PDF version.

Let me know in the comments below how this changed the way you look at your goals. How are you going to start using this? What ah-ha’s did you get from this?

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