How To Figure Out What To Write About On Your Blog

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“I don’t know what to write about!”

This is the number one objection I hear when it comes to writing a blog. I even hear it from myself. All. The. Time.

And yet, I know it’s a bunch of bologna because with just a few questions, we all open up and the floodgates of valuable knowledge comes pouring out.


I know you do too.

You wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t believe you had hoard of knowledge stored up in that wonderful brain of yours just waiting to be shared.

It’s the gap between your brain and your fingers that becomes the issues.

How do you bridge the gap and get the knowledge flowing like the mighty Mississippi River?

I already gave you the answer. 😉 


The answer is questions.

Having the right questions asked to you is the most powerful way to get your words flying off your fingertips at record speeds.

As humans, we are designed to answer questions. If someone asks you a question, it’s literally impossible for you not to answer it, be compelled to answer it out loud, or answer it in your head.

In Human Design 70% of the population (Generators and Manifesting Generators) are designed to respond to “yes and no” questions and THEN the floodgates will open up. If you know you’re a G or MG, there is just that extra little step for you, which will make all the difference in the world to your productivity.

How do I know this works?

Simple. I have the same issue you do with figuring out what to write on my blog, so I had to figure another way out beyond staring at a blank page or just not opening up my computer at all to deal with being disappointed with myself for not being able to think of what to say to you. (Because get me on the phone and *poof* all the knowledge comes pouring out with no problems, so I know it’s there)

Let’s talk about the planning aspect of your blog for a moment.

When I would sit down with traditional planners I quickly realized that they assume I already know what I’m going to talk about. That would make planning easy, right?

And yet, that’s not my reality.


Since they don’t ask questions, I would lovingly stroke their pretty pages wishing the words would magically appear on the paper for me, but they never did.

I realized that I had to do something different.

That’s when I sat down and created the workbook portion of the Biz Plan Book. It’s designed to draw out your knowledge, put it down on paper, and sort through it all to get a clear plan on your quarterly themes, monthly themes, weekly themes, plus blog post ideas and product ideas.

All by starting out with very specific and powerful questions that are easy to answer.

Because you have the answers already. You just need the questions.

A Simple Way To Get Started

Ask yourself good questions.

Good questions are the ones that make you think and are also easy to answer. If you have a product up on your site and want to promote it, go through your program asking questions like “What part of this can I share as a blog post?” or “What is a golden nugget inside this program that my audience would love to know about?” or “How can I dive deeper into this area?”

Then create a valuable, content filled blog post around that golden nugget that your audience will love to know about.

It really is this simple.


P.S. If you need more questions that will draw out your valuable answers, pick up a copy of the Biz Plan Book or if you prefer to go digital, check out the Brilliant Business Planner – Digital Edition.


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