Finding Trust and Safety In The Body

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There is something that has happened to us as a species. Many are unable to feel safety in their body because we have been unattuned to the frequencies of the earth.

When we are unattuned, it does not feel safe to walk in this world with the magic it has to offer.

The soles of our rubber shoes disconnect us further from the healing energy of mother earth. They create an electrical blocking barrier between our own electricity and the healing aura of the planet.

This along with many other factors, such as electronics, fast-paced lives, stress, not knowing who we are, etc., has caused our nervous systems to fry and fray around the edges, which causes us to feel frazzled and ultimately unable to trust being in our bodies.

Traumas are also a major factor in not being able to trust our bodies.

Traumas also occur when we are not on our right path and are disconnected from who we are suppose to be, as well as being burnt out in life from not doing the work we are here to do.

It’s traumatic for us to not be our true selves.

Yet, this is also how we learn. We become disconnected and learn how to reconnect and remember who we are.

When things resonate with us, it’s our body recognizing the truth for ourselves.

So, how do we start reconnecting to who we really are?

How do we heal the traumas of the past and move forward with the healing coursing through our veins?

There are 5 major tools that I have discovered that are the most powerful.

  1. Morning Pages
  2. Human Design
  3. Entrainments (Source Code Meditation)
  4. Tuning Forks
  5. Nourishing Foods

Morning Pages

Three hand written pages of stream of consciousness thoughts every morning.

Why is this so important?

The mind has a lot to say, some call it the monkey mind. It constantly chatters in the background and most of the time is on a loop, like a broken record. Yet, most don’t even realize what’s going on. They just know they are miserable and can’t get out of their heads.

When we write morning pages first thing in the morning when the melatonin is still swirling around in our heads, we can get a lot of the unnecessary chatter down onto paper so we can see it, see what problems and misery our mind is chattering on about. When we write this stuff down, what we are noticing, it sends a signal from the hand to the brain letting it know it’s been heard and it can stop chattering on about it.

This releases the loop from the mind and allows space for creative solutions and inspiration to come through.

It sweeps through the recesses of our mind to make space for what really wants to come through.

Human Design

Most of us have been conditioned to not trust ourselves, our instincts, and to trust others as our authority.


When others can’t control themselves, they try to control others.

We have also not been taught how to trust ourselves the way we are designed to. Human Design is new information that is just starting to spread.

Each of us has a unique design, an energetic blueprint. Within that, it shows us how each person is designed to move through the world and how they can tap into their own intuition of what is right for them or not. It shows us how to we are designed to trust ourselves and be our own authority.

This is called Strategy and Inner Authority.

When we learn to trust ourselves, our aura becomes radically different, and we start the process to becoming and embodying our true selves.


When we go straight into meditation, it can take hours upon hours to get to the state of peace and enlightenment that is sought after. This is why the monks sit for hours on end, fighting with the monkey mind to stay present and when it wanders off, constantly brining it back to the breath before it finally gives up and peace is had.

Yet, the mind doesn’t always have the tools to get to the peace part.

The mind is programed through life and traumas that it’s not safe to fully relax and let its guard down. It feels it needs to be on alert for any dangers that may be around. It doesn’t feel safe.

This is like letting the fox guard the hen house.

Yet, when we practice the Source Code Meditation Base before we go into meditation, it creates a foundation for us to work from and starts to form a sense of safety in our bodies so that we can relax and finally get to the place of peace we desire in meditation.

How does it do this?

The touch points that are shown in the process are called vortexes. These are two points along the spine where the Vagas Nerve is exposed through the vertebrae and by activating it in a certain way, starts to connect our body to our brain and forms what’s called a breath wave as the connection starts to happen.

This connection, as it starts to make its way up and down the spine through the breath, starts to connect into and move through the stuck emotional places that are entangled around the spine and starts to unwind and unravel them. This allows the spinal fluid to start to flow between the body and the brain, activating the prefrontal cortex, or third eye, area of our brain.

When our third eye starts to open up, we are able to connect in with Source, ideas start to flow, clarity starts to happen, traumas start to be released, and our nervous system starts to heal.

Tuning Forks

When traumas occur for us, they create pockets of chaotic energy, or dissonance, in our aura.

Our aura holds the our entire timeline of our lives from preconception all the way to what’s happening currently. Throughout our timeline, as we have emotions that are not in harmony with who we are, these emotions, or traumas, create pockets of disharmony along that timeline.

These pockets of disharmony can be harmonized back through the use of tuning forks.

The tuning forks work with the body to inform it of the disharmony and they work together to correct and harmonize it back to its original state, or factory settings.

This gives you your light back and helps increase the ability to trust your body again.

Nourishing Foods

Food is food, right?

No, that is not the case at all. Especially with all of the over processed foods that are out on the market these days. The lack of nutrition in them creates another layer of disharmony and trauma in the body because it disconnects us further from our ability to rejuvenate and operate at full capacity.

A lack of nutrition also causes a disconnection with the energies of the earth.

Eating whole foods is best and as close to their natural form as possible. I have found that the more in harmony we are with our food and nutritional needs, the more enlivened, resilient, and harmonious our bodies become.

Cannabis (bonus)

Now, this part may not be for everyone, but with the rise and rapid legalization of cannabis use, I feel this needs to be added as well.

There is a spirit to cannabis that, when used properly and with intention, becomes the medicine that we know it can be. This is a living spirit that needs to be worked with and communicated with in order for it to be able to work as it should. Not as a numbing agent.

Cannabis, when used correctly, gets the monkey mind, the ego, out of the way, and shows us where in the body we need to work on in order for the blocks to be released and so our flow can be processed and restored.

The spirit of cannabis shows us our emotional blocks and once we get them out of the way, shows us the potential of what we are capable of.



The goal with all of these tools and combining them together to create the awakened human and the magic of what it means to be alive. To access our power that has been hidden away and to trust that Source is always on our side, helping us along.

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