How To Hack Your Brain To Complete Your Goals

My husband and I were having an interesting conversation about goals and completing them. Here’s what started it:

I recently completed the Digital Biz Plan Book course and have started marketing it through the Repeat Profit System (RPS). I created a 4 day flash sale for it, it sold beautifully, I’ve created a Facebook ad video for it for phase 2, and in this process moved it all over onto Kartra* so I can truly build the RPS machine correctly. Thank you Kartra*!

Then other things came up, life happened, other projects got in the way, I ran out of steam, and I realized that I allowed them to happen, putting the Digital Biz Plan Book on the back burner while I took care of the other projects.

As I was looking at it from a Human Design perspective, I really wanted to understand it deeper and why this seemed to happen to pretty much ever product I put out there. Why I stop when it’s time for the marketing piece to happen.

Looking at my Human Design chart and also my husband’s I focused in on the Gate 42 – The Finishing Gate (also known as the Project Manager Gate).

This is where it’s located on the Human Design chart:


Neither of us have this gate defined.

Which means, that we don’t have consistent energy to finish things and instead are here to become wise about this area in life and guiding others through the process and keep them on track. If you don’t have this gate either it does not mean you can’t finish a project. It means it’s not consistent for you.

Gate 42 is the gate of coming into the middle of a situation or experience and finishing it. Those with Gate 42 can be an excellent project manager or consultant, provided the start-up phase of a project is complete when they enter into it.

My husband and I are not finishers. In having this awareness, I asked the question: “If we are here to become wise about finishing things, what does that look like?”

My husband, with all his smarts, said: “What if we moved the bar out farther as to what “finished” looked like? Instead of you thinking that marketing is the final step in the process, move the final step out to licensing.”

Because he knows I have no desire to get to the licensing step, this really helped to shift my perspective of what the finishing line actually looks like and my vigor for marketing was reignited.

Steps To Hacking Your Brain To Complete Your Goals

  1. If you don’t have your Human Design chart to know if you have the Gate 42 defined (colored in) or not CLICK HERE to get it.
  2. If you DO have Gate 42 defined and are having a hard time completing your goals, look at if you are starting from the beginning of the project or not. Those with this gate are designed to come into the middle of a project and see it to completion. If you’re starting from scratch, you may not get far and become deeply frustrated with the process. It will serve you well to get connected with someone who has the other side of this channel, Gate 53 – The Starting Channel, so that they can start the projects for you and you can come in and finish them. If you don’t want to team up with someone, look at getting something like PLR (Private Label Rights) products that are already started for you and finish them out by making them your own. Also, is your goal big enough? If you are writing a book – the book is not the end goal, you still have to market it to let people know it exists. What completion goals are you setting for yourself?
  3. If you DON’T have the Gate 42 defined (like my husband and I) sit down and dream out all of the possibilities of your product that you are creating. Even go so far as to think about what licensing it would look like and ask yourself:
  4. Is that a realistic goal?
  5. Is that something you could easily accomplish?
  6. Does that push the finished bar far enough out for you to actually accomplish what needs to happen?

Understanding how you are designed to work is incredibly valuable in your day to day life. This does not give you an excuse to never finish a project. Projects need to be completed in order to be able to impact the world the way they are designed to. Your job, as their creator, is to make sure they get out into the world. Moving the bar on what that means will help you to shift how you see the project to completion and how you can make it flow with ease.

Whether it’s through getting someone to help you, getting a coach to walk you through it and hold you accountable, or shifting your actual goal, know it’s possible.

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