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Hey Awesomesauce!

In March I went to NAMS13 (if you didn’t grab my notes – you can get them HERE) and watched my friend Nicole Dean stand up in front of a room of 300+ people and dared everyone to be awesome.

She told the story about how in 2014 she met James Dering when he attended his first NAMS.

James talked to Nicole and told her how he lost 80 pounds in 18 months, became a better husband and father and even started his own online business all by asking himself one simple question.

You see, James has started to realize that he had an average life and was doing average things. He wanted to change things. He wanted to have an awesome life, do awesome things and be awesome.

Being average wasn’t being awesome.

So, he started asking himself “What Would Awesome James Do?”

When he wanted to eat McDonald’s for dinner, he would ask himself “What would Awesome James do?”. He knew that Awesome James would eat healthier food, so that’s what he started doing. He started losing weight.

Then when he would come home from work, instead of spending the rest of the evening parked on the couch, he would do things around the house to help his wife, because this is what Awesome James would do. His marriage started to improve. (Happy wife, happy life, right?)

And on and on until his life started looking pretty phucking awesome.

This inspired Nicole soooooo much, that she started asking herself the same thing, got great results too and then started to challenge others to do the same.

She started others: What Would Awesome You Do?

Then she decided to make encouraging others to make awesome actions into a challenge, asking others to help her reach her goal. This is her goal:

How could I say no?!?

Frankly, I couldn’t.

In fact, I wanted to help her get to her goal soooo much, that I decided to share it with you and would love for you to join in on helping us reach this goal by the end of April.

It’s simple.

Do 1 awesome act for yourself, 1 for your business and 1 for the world.

Every day is different and can be planned or completely random as you get inspiration.

You can be awesome too and join the challenge HERE.

I want you to succeed in this challenge by documenting all your random acts of awesome that I’m giving you a free workbook to help you keep track of all the awesomesauce that you’ll be creating in your life.

Click Here to Get The Workbook

CAUTION: Before you get started, I want you know that you are going to be filling yourself up with awesomesauce.


So much awesomesauce that it will be hard to contain and you may explode.

This is what an awesomesauce explosion may look like:

Here are some ideas for some random acts of awesome:

For Yourself:

Take yourself on a Writing Date or Artist’s Date
Get that haircut you’ve been wanting
Get a pedicure

For Your Business:

Finish that product you’ve been putting off
Make that important connection
Cut the cord on something that is weighing your business down

For The World:

Leave an encouraging note in a random spot for a stranger to find
Put away the phone and talk to the cashier in line at the grocery store
Donate to your favorite charity

Want more ideas… you on the inside!


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