Video: How To Have Powerful Breakthroughs

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Okay, okay…I confess…

It’s the middle of the February at the time of this video and blog post is being created and checkins should be at the beginning of each month.

But hear me out.

I’m writing this now because this past week I’ve been encouraging some of my clients to get this done for the month (new habits can sometimes be difficult to form) and one of my clients filled out his monthly checkin inside the Biz Plan Book and sent it over to me this week for us to review on our 1-1 coaching call.

His results were fantastic! I talk about them here in this week’s video:

I work with my clients by customizing their goals and then showing them practical ways to make it happen and how to create a habit out of them so they are successful in the long run. This one particular client wants to “hurry up and see instant results”.

The good results don’t work that way.

However, because he’s allowing himself to trust the process, he’s now able to see tremendous results in a much shorter amount of time than if he would have continued doing what he was doing before we started working together.

You know what else is happening?


Breakthroughs because he’s allowing himself to reflect on his performance.

He’s allowing himself the time to do it.

He’s giving himself permission to be honest about it.

This stuff is POWERFUL!

“It is only in the review of your performance that you can have breakthroughs” -Steven Griffith

There is no other way.

Here are some ways you can give yourself permission to have breakthroughs:

  1. Set aside some quiet time (no pings, dings, buzzes *electronics* allowed!). If this means you have to lock yourself in a closet, DO IT!
  2. Set a timer for 30 minutes
  3. Be brutally honest with yourself. If it sucked, it sucked. If it rocked, it ROCKED! Either way, be sure you don’t beat yourself up over it. Nobody likes a bully.
  4. Look at what you are doing with the eyes of someone on the outside.
  5. Look at what worked and what didn’t work. If it didn’t work, what could you do differently to improve it? If it did work, be sure to celebrate!

It’s time for you to start thriving in your business!

One way is to start doing your monthly checkins so you can really start to get honest with yourself and your performance so you can have those breakthroughs you’ve been craving.

Have you been doing your monthly checkins? If so, share your experience with them below!


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