How To Lean Into Your Potential

Do you hear it? That knock on the preverbal door from your soul telling you there is something more, something bigger out there for you to do and discover. All you have to do is open the door and step through.

Easier said than done, right?

I know because I heard that knock for many years but had no idea where the knock was really coming from or how to even find the door to open it.

It drove me mad at times and other times drove me into depression. And yet, the knock kept getting louder and louder until one day I snapped.

That day was the day that I decided to no longer play around with diet fads and dive deep into discovering a better way to lose weight, not starve myself, and be truly healthy. For me.

A few days later I stumbled upon a book at the library that introduced me to green smoothies that jumpstarted my road to health and not long after, entrepreneurship.

Along this road I lost all of the weight I had been storing and went back down to high school skinny. This also dropped many of my emotional walls I had built up and all of the unhealthy issues in my life started to come to the surface begging to be dealt with.

The biggest issue at the time was my marriage to my first husband.

Every day I was faced with the same issue.

The issue that I wasn’t in the right marriage for me.

But I was scared.

I had never been or lived on my own before. If I got divorced it would change everything. That felt terrifying.

And yet, there was that knock again. Asking me to crack the door open to take a peak at “What if”

I decided to follow that and gave in.

I was sitting at my desk one day and really wrestling with the whole idea of divorce. I freaked out a bit, letting the scared part take over, and resolved myself to doing what I could to work it out and make the marriage work.

The moment I did this I immediately felt my entire body, mind, and spirt sink into a deep depression.

This shocked me because it was so instantaneous and dramatic.

I took a step back, breathed deeply, and realized that in that moment I loved myself too much to continue down that path.

I loved myself too much to allow myself to remain in a situation that would forever drain and depress my soul.

I loved myself too much.

I loved myself.

I love myself.

I love me.

Taking another deep breath I asked the questions “What would happen if I got a divorce? Then what?”

As I started to dream of the possibilities and what it would truly mean to be out of that relationship and single, my body, mind, and soul instantly started to perk up into a big loving expansion of energy that felt amazing and exciting.

It became a huge YES on every level of my being.

In that moment I knew it’s what I needed to do. It was time to end the marriage and go our separate ways.

Scared or not, that’s what needed to happen. No ifs ands or buts about it.

And within a month of that experience at my desk, that’s exactly what happened and my now ex moved out.

Soon after that, I met the love of my life, my coach, my mentor, my soul mate, and the possibilities I had been dreaming about started to happen quickly.

This was the first real time I had experienced what it meant to lean into my potential and follow it. It’s now the foundation of how I coach people in their business. We lean into the knocking on the door and I help them feel their yeses and nos. When we feel the yes, we put practical steps around making the yes happen.

Everyone’s yes is different. Your yes makes you and your path unique. If you’ve been hearing the knocking on the door happen for a while and are ready to lean into what it’s wanting you to do, here’s some easy steps to follow to start to hear your yes.

Lean Into Your Yes And Your Potential

  1. Recognize that there in an internal conflict going on within you at the moment. It may be helpful for you to write down what that conflict is to get clear about it.
  2. Get honest with yourself on what the conflict actually is.
  3. Detach emotionally from the conflict and play with your “what ifs”. Ask yourself: “What if I went this way, how does that feel to me?” “What if I went that way, how does that feel to me?” Listen to the answer objectively, without emotion.
  4. As you hear each answer, notice if they feel expansive or contractive. Look at them from a sliding scale point of view. On one side is positive emotions and on the other side is negative (or fear based) emotions. The positive side of the scale translates to a “yes”, and the negative side of the scale translates to a “no”.
  5. Feeling your yeses and nos, you know have the free will choice of choosing which one you truly and honestly want to follow. Make your choice.

Your deep, body, mind, and soul expanding yes is guiding you towards your potential. It’s your choice if you decide to lean into it or not.

What do you choose?

P.S. If you’d like personal one-on-one help leaning into your potential and what that looks like for you, click here to schedule a free 30-minutes call with me to see if we’re a good fit.

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