Video: How To Make Bulletproof Coffee – Girl Style!

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Coffee Lovers Unite! I made a video for you!

Especially women coffee lovers.

There is finally a coffee that is better for you!

It’s called Bulletproof Coffee. Maybe you’ve heard of it already? (More about it here)

If not, I’ll give you the quick rundown of it. It’s basically oil + butter melted into coffee then blended up into a latte type drink. It’s purpose is to get healthy fats into your body so your brain and body can get all lubed up and working the way it’s suppose to.

Because yeah, your body needs fats.

Your brain needs fats to connect your neurological pathways so your precious little neurons fire off properly (aka so you can think better). This helps you function at a higher level and be able to handle life + business easier.

I’m always looking for little ways to improve. Always.

However, I’ve discovered that the standard Bulletproof Coffee recipe is mainly for guys. Us girls need something a bit more to optimize.

That something is the kinds of fats that are used. Meaning good fats. Those good fats that don’t make us fat, but instead, help us be all beautiful and shapely and stuff.

A couple years ago, I was on a fully raw food diet. It started out to lose weight with green smoothies. I lost 40 pounds in 4 months. Awesome right? I also lost my hips. To be honest, I kinda like them. I felt absolutely amazing and full of life on the raw food diet. I’m still a huge believer in many of the components around it and practice a lot of them, but I’ve come to discover that for me it’s more important to have balance. A balance between raw and cooked. My body craves balance. My mind craves balance. I need balance.

So, I started to incorporate healthy cooked foods back into my life. However, while on this giant 2-year long food detox of raw food, I became extremely sensitive to caffeine and chemicals, so I am still super health conscious with everything. Raw food changed me. It helped me see things from a more open and spiritual perspective. It also cleaned me out so much that I can tell very quickly if something is good for me or not.

Butter is one of those things that my body gets happy about – as weird as that sounds – of course I had to listen.

Turns out the real stuff is good for us! (Within reason of course – don’t go off and eat a tub of butter because of this sentence – keep it reasonable – say 2-3 Tbsp per day max – reasonable)

Then I discovered that by putting butter, coconut oil and coffee into the blender, it creates an energetic stabilizing drink similar to a latte that also helps wake the brain up all while slow releasing the caffeine so the coffee jitters don’t happen.

You mean I get to drink butter for breakfast?!? Yes please! 😉

But us women need more than just that. In fact, some women replace butter with cacao butter, which is especially awesome if you want to keep it vegan.

Check out how I do it:

Here is the recipe I use:

1 Tbsp Javazen Superfood Blend Organic Coffee
1 tsp Bulletproof Brain Octane MCT Oil
1 tsp Vega Antioxidant Omega Oil Blend
1 Tbsp Kerrygold Grass Fed Unsalted Butter (replace with Cacao Butter if desired)
2-4 drops of English Toffee Stevia (optional)

Other coffee options:
Puroast Low Acid Coffee Organic French Roast Ground Coffee
Bulletproof Brand Coffee


What do you do each morning to get you started on the right foot?



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