How Writing Meditations Came To Be

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When I first thought up Writing Mediations, I was in the middle of Writing Meditation, but I didn’t know that that’s what I was doing, or that it is their name.

I have been working with a Divine Soul Coach to help me get to my most vulnerable, deepest, most truest soul yes’es in the most amazing way.

You see, she knows the vibrational language of the soul, can translate it, and help you figure out how to listen for yourself.

It’s not the easiest thing to learn, so sometimes she gives me hints along the way to help me out.

One of those hints led me to go into that Writing Meditation to get myself to the place where I could listen from a deeper and more honest-with-myself space.

Her hint was: “It’s simpler than you think”

As I reflected on her hint through my writing, it all of a sudden became glaringly obvious that I was in the middle of a Writing Meditation, how powerful the connection with self becomes, and that I was to share the process with you.

When it hit me, I stared at the paper and asked “Is this a thing?” then the next best question came “I wonder if that domain is available…”

I checked and it was! It’s a thing now! LOL! *Snoopy Dance*

Then I got to work putting together some of my most powerful question flows along with encouraging and empowering words for you to breath in as you go through them.

The same flow I take myself through.
The same loving encouragement I give to myself.
The same way I get through my own blocks.

And the feedback from them has been awe-inspiring…

“It was awesome. I really love it. My favorite part was the love and light and “support”. That was just what I needed.” -CM

There is a powerful connection that happens between your head, heart and body when you put pen to paper. When you show up, sit down, and do a Writing Meditation, you discover your own inner brilliance. Right there in front of you. Waiting for you to see it for yourself.

Be sure to grab the newest Writing Meditation – Daily Happiness & Gratitude – so you can start to see and show up as your best self.

Talk soon!
Natalie Marie Collins

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