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Human Design Case Study Reading: Manifesting Generator Stacey Sargison

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Would you like to see how the Human Design Chart starts to explain and pull things together?

That’s exactly what we’ve done for Stacey Sargison of

Stacey Louise Sargison is a TEDx speaker, Life Coach and journalist who travels the world whilst helping others to figure out what they truly desire and create a life on their terms.

Her live stream videos have been viewed over 1 million+ times and she has been featured on Forbes, Forbes Women, SABC, BBC and also writes regularly for Thrive Global. She’s also the host and creator of the Life On Your Terms Podcast.

Now, I didn’t know any of this prior to pulling Stacey’s Human Design Chart. Since Randi Pierce and I have started doing case studies, Randi has found several women who I’ve never met, and some I’ve known for years. The ones I’ve never met, I on purpose don’t do research (or at least much – I might glance over their website to just see what their business is and what their face looks like) on them before the reading because I want to show how even if I don’t personally know the individual, how accurate Human Design is.

As you’re watching the video, you can follow along on Stacey’s chart (the colored version) below the video.

Stacey is an Emotional Manifesting Generator. If you have Emotional Authority or are a Manifesting Generator (or both!), you’ll be able to get some nuggets around how you work as well from this chart reading.

Stacey has the Left Angle Cross of Dedication, which in combination of the active channels she has in her chart shows that she is an excellent teacher, can express what she’s dedicated to with deep passion, and for those who are ready to hear it, her concepts that she’s discovered will be seen for the genius discoveries that they are.

Something I didn’t touch on in the video is Stacey’s particular placement and activation of the Gate 23. The Gate 23 is that Genius channel and is officially called the Gate of Splitting Apart and Assimilation. It brings the awareness and understanding which leads to the acceptance of diversity.

In Evelyn Levenson’s Voices Of The Throat Series – Gate 23 article, she explains how each activated gate in the throat center is has a different voice and that voice and how that energy is expressed correctly. The Gate 23 is all about expressing “I Know”. Evelyn explains that this gate is here to follow it’s own direction and not fit in with others, they are agents of the creative process, and are here to be the catalyst that initiates others into their own new and “mutative” ways of seeing the world.

Since the Gate 23 is in Stacey’s Sun and Mercury this becomes a very important part of who Stacey is. The Sun represents how we’re here to shine and Mercury represents what we’re here to communicate. The genius that is expressed through Gate 23 becomes what Stacey is here to communicate and shine from.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

I hope you found case study this helpful. If you’d like to become a case study with Randi and Natalie, click here to learn more.

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