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Your Human Design Decision Making Process

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Each of us are uniquely designed and also equipped with deeply profound way of making our own decisions. Some can make split second decisions, and some need time to process.

Getting your Human Design chart pulled (all you need is your birth info) will let you know your decision making process. You get get it for free at

Why is this important to know?

Imagine being able to discern what’s really right for you and your direction…

Knowing that you can trust yourself…

Not being tricked into something that’s not right for you…

Feeling good about your life…

Does’t that feel better already?

Discovering what your inner (or outer) authority is and how it works for you is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and your future self.

It’s true empowerment.

In Human Design, there are 8 different decision making processes (Inner/Outer Authorities). Each one is listed below so you can start to become familiar with how yours works.

Emotional Authority

You have an emotional wave that will take you through the highs and lows of what your decision could look like. You’ll feel what’ll be like at the high (a rush of excitement) of the possibility, then a low (sometimes like a depression or dread) of the possibility.

For some the wave is consistent and others the wave is inconsistent. Either way, you’ll have a wave of emotions to work through.

The wave takes time to work through. At minimum, you want to sleep on your decision to honor the process.

During this process ask yourself:

“Does this feel good?”

“Is this correct for me?”

What you’re looking for is even through the ups and downs is through it all it’s clear that you want to do/have it. If you are wavering on if it’s right for you or not, chances are it’s not right for you and know that it’s okay to pass it up.

Clarity is what you need in order to move forward.

Sacral Authority

You have a powerful gut reaction that you can trust explicitly. It’s designed to be a response and in the moment.

How you respond is through verbalizing “u-huh” for yes, or “uh-uh” for no.

Things are always coming to you to respond to.

Is this for you? “U-huh” or “Uh-uh” (Yes or No)

When you answer yes correctly, you’ll feel your gut zing with a burst of energy. This is your body and sacral motor responding that “Yes, I have the energy for this”.

If you don’t feel anything or you feel a contraction or shut down of your energy, that is a clear sign that it is a no for you and you don’t have the energy for it right now.

Splenic Authority

The spleen is where your intuition and primal instincts come from. When the spleen is your authority, it will be a quiet whisper that will tell you yes or no.

You may feel a deep and instant recognition that it is definitely right and correct for you. On the flip side, you’ll feel uneasy and knowing that this course of action is not right or safe for you.

That quiet whisper will only come once and instantly in the moment, so it’s imperative that you listen, pay attention, and trust it.

Heart/Ego Manifested Authority

The Ego Manifested authority is reserved only for Manifestors and connects the Heart/Will Center to the Throat Center. Either directly or through the G Center.

It’s really about what the heart wants.

A yes feels like the heart is being drawn towards something. A no feels like the heart is pulling away or contracting from something. Then in order to truly feel the pull either way, you need to start talking because that’s how it will be expressed. Through your voice.

Your voice will speak the truth if you allow it to.

Because this authority is directly connected to the Throat Center it’s imperative you for you talk it out and hear what you are willing to do and what you’re not willing to do, what you want and don’t want. Then take action accordingly and initiate it.

Heart/Ego Projected Authority

The Ego Projected authority is rare and is reserved only for Projectors. Like the Ego Manifested authority, a yes feels like the heart is being drawn towards something. A no feels like the heart is pulling away or contracting from something.

And that’s where it stops being similar. Because it’s projected, as a Projector it’s important for you to then wait for the invitation to initiate. You are a powerful initiating force for the OTHER and only when invited.

Once invited, you ability to initiate is incredibly powerful because it’s directed by the sheer willpower. Be sure to ask yourself if this is something you’re willing to do or not. Do you want it or not? And especially, what’s in it for you?

Self Projected Authority

The Self Projected Authority occurs when the G Center is connected directly to the Throat Center with no other centers below it defined and is reserved only for Projectors.

This authority gives a deep heart-felt sense of inner knowing that something, an invitation, is correct for you or not. It can also be a sense that you know what you know, even if you don’t know how, you just know. It’s subtle and gentle and is best understood by talking it out with someone you trust.

What you’re looking for as you’re processing through it with words is if it sounds like you or not. If it sounds true to you or not. It’s not about what your mind thinks, it’s about what your voice is saying you want. Listen to what your voice has to say.

You will discover what you need to know by what you say.

Outer Authority

This authority has several names and is reserved only for Projectors. Mental Projector, Environmental Authority, No Authority. What this means is that you need a sounding board of trusted people around you to be able to bounce ideas off of and get clarity. In a sense, you’re hearing yourself out.

When you hear yourself out, you’ll feel a clear resonance throughout your body that will tell you when you’ve found your correct decision.

Lunar Authority

The Lunar Authority is reserved only for Reflectors. As a Reflector, all of your centers are undefined, which means you are incredibly open to the energies around you.

Because of your openness, it’s important for you to discuss your decisions out loud, like the Outer Authority and also feel through your decision for a 28 days – a full lunar cycle. It takes the moon 28 days to go through and touch each aspect of your chart. You’ll experience your decision in a different way each day. Each day, talk through your potential plan of action with the trusted energies around you.

Your clarity will come at the end of your 28 days, after processing and talking through all of the different aspects and possibilities you’ve experienced in your cycle. Take action from there.


Each one of the authorities is unique and yours is there for you to be able to tap into and listen to. By listening to your own authority, you’ll be able to start cultivating and creating the life that truly is for you, that lights you up, and gives you sheer joy to live.

The experiences I’ve had in learning and listening to my own authority has been a profound and powerful experience. I’ve felt what it’s like to live out of integrity and be miserable for years because of it, and then starting to listen to my own authority, seen dramatic life changes happen. Always for the better (even though some of them have freaked me out in the beginning, LOL).

I’d love to hear about your experiences in using your own authority and how it speaks to you.

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