If I only had $25 a month to spend on my coaching business, I would use this tool

One of the most valuable things I have learned from the Bushcrafting community is that the more you know, the less tools you need to survive out in the wild.

I’ve taken this idea to heart and realized that it can be used in the same capacity for online business. Especially if you have a coaching business.

And I asked myself….”Is it possible to create a super simple business that is successful with minimal tools that don’t cost an arm and a leg?” “Is it possible to do it for only $25/month?”

The problem is, so many people are teaching that you need all these bells and whistles to “make it big” and to Frankenstein your business together.

Either that or pay hundreds of dollars a month on cumbersome and complicated software programs that you still have to spend months setting up and if you don’t know that a part needs to be set up, you miss out on sales and the whole system doesn’t work right.

How can you possibly trust a system that you don’t even know is missing pieces, doesn’t work right, and ends up scaring customers off because it makes you look like you don’t have your shit together?

You can’t. You’ve got to be able to trust your system. When you trust your system, you will happily bring people into it.

Take Infusionsoft (Keep) for example… It’s nicknamed “Confusionsoft” for a reason. It’s a massive program that, yes, you can run a multi-million dollar a month business through it, but in order to do that, you’ve got to have your system working like a fine tuned machine with experts who specialize in just that to run it for you. Is it worth $299+ a month? For those who have spent years developing their system in it, yes. But seriously?!? We can be smarter with our time, money, and sanity.

Now, if you need a more in depth and robust system than what I’m about to share with you, Kartra* is what I would recommend. It starts at $99/month and is the best all-in-one system that I’ve found.

But we’re not here to talk about Kartra, Infusionsoft, Teachable, SquareSpace, Wix, Kajabi, or anything else that costs more than $25/month.

Because here’s the deal, most coaches that I know don’t have the time to set up complicated systems in their business, nor do they want to because just the very idea of doing tech things gives them a hives.

And they definitely don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month on software they don’t need.

They just want something simple, that works, and that they can trust.

For me, as a Projector, I’m here to master systems and then guide others through them. Online systems is one of those things that I’ve mastered. I’ve got your back with this.

Now, most coaches I know are looking for a few key things to have for their online business. They are:

  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Checkout Pages
  • Full Sales Funnels
  • Popups
  • Online calendar and appointment scheduler
  • A way to take payments
  • Members Area
  • Store Front
  • Shipping capacity for physical item sales
  • Connects to email platform
  • An easy to use page builder
  • Ability to use pretty fonts (key important piece right here)
  • SEO Friendly
  • URL Redirects

Think it’s possible to find all of this in a tool that’s only $25/month?

Yes, yes it is. I have found your golden goose. Your holy grail. Your magical unicorn.

It’s called HBA Funnel Builder* and it’s glorious.

What makes it glorious?

It covers everything I just mentioned in the bullets above and I’ve found it to be a perfect platform for coaches to build an easy-to-create website that houses everything you’ll need inside of it to create your coaching business.

If you’d like to see an example, I created on it. Feel free to poke around and see one of the possibilities of what you can create if you were using it.

It has everything you need to create your coaching business, members area, and sales funnels.

And yes, it’s only $25/month.

It really is possible to have a super simple business that is highly focused on you serving your clients and not getting buried in mounds of tech software with countless passwords to remember (unless you have LastPass, in which case it remembers your passwords for you).

We can now rejoice!

If you’re ready to dump all the other tech that just makes online business hard and confusing, click here to get started using HBA Funnel Builder

I’d then pair it with a free (to start) email platform like Moosend*.


If you need help with how to create a business system that’s in alignment with your Human Design and works, let’s chat.


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