The Most Important Thing Inside Your Business

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Hey Magical One!

It’s Labor Day here in the states and it’s really got me thinking about the meaning behind it and how that looks to the modern day world.

Especially because it’s almost a meaningless holiday to us entrepreneurs.


Some view it as a day to take off work, maybe head to the beach and for others it may mean an entire day of uninterrupted work time (because everyone else is at the beach).

Of course that uninterrupted time means nothing to my dog who feels she needs to go outside every 5 minutes and then get let in 30 seconds later. As if she forgot it’s hot outside or something. It’s ridiculous.


Labor day came about through the peak of the Industrial Revolution where the nation transitioned from hand produced methods into machine made ones.

Fast forward to today where we are in the middle of a technology revolution. Not only are we still using machines to manufacture goods, but now we have advanced so much that we have devices that – if set up correctly – can automate almost an entire business.

These “systems” may not sound very sexy, but an automatic money making machine sure does!

So many entrepreneurs I know would gladly work 12 hours a day setting up their own system, paving their own path, and creating their dream life, than work any amount of time in a factory, so they can spend every day at the beach instead of just Labor Day.

However, one thing technology can’t replace is you.

Your brain is THE most important thing inside of your business. It’s what drives the ship. You are the captain. The more you learn, the more advanced your business can get.

That’s one of the funnest things about being an entrepreneur – your business grows as you do. Mentally, physically and even spiritually. Having your own business really is one of the most transformative things you can do with your life.

It will test you, challenge you and make you grow whether you like it or not. And it’s not always easy to do by yourself.

“It takes a village to raise an entrepreneur.” -Maruxa Murphy

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Showering you with braindrops and glitter.

Natalie Marie Collins
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