I’m in the middle of setting up a quiz through Interact* to accompany my new podcast, a gorgeous, easy to use quiz maker, and I’m finding myself getting overwhelmed with the process.

It’s not because the quiz itself. I have the quiz on paper already and know exactly what needs to happen with it. When I take a step back and look at what is actually overwhelming me, I realize these are the things that are running through my head that need to take place in order to create the system I really want:

  • graphic images for each step of the quiz
  • time to put the quiz in place
  • connecting the quiz to Kartra* (they now integrate!)
  • creating emails for a followup sequence for each answer (3 total)
  • creating the sequences themselves so the connection can be made
  • do i want to offer a free optin for each answer? yes? three more things
  • do i want to have an upsell for each one too? yes? three additional things
  • anything else? probably…

You see, to just create a simple quiz, my mind has swirled and expanded into wanting to create the ultimate lead capture and income generating machine. I mean, can you blame me?

This can quickly become overwhelming and can shut some of the best people down because it’s so much work just to put together a quiz.

Yes, the quiz could be something much more simple and just be more like “to get your results, opt in”, but here’s how I want the flow to go:

  1. Take the quiz
  2. Get result
  3. Optin for free quick guide
  4. Send helpful emails
  5. Offer starter kit and intro class

It doesn’t sound like that much work, but as you can see from the first list, it’s actually a lot of work. This is what has become the misconception in building a business online. It sounds easy enough to do, but once you get into it, it becomes a huge hang up with lots of people. Including myself.

So much so, that very few actually accomplish the flow.

There has been an entire industry created around “hacking” to make it easier to get this stuff done.

Yet, the hacks can only do so much. Each step STILL needs to be created. The list I gave you above is about as simple of an explanation that it gets.

So, most people who come to me for coaching think that they are not techies at all and just can’t handle that side of the business.

I call bullshit on that.

Because what’s really happening is the same thing I’m experiencing this morning with creating this…OVERWHELM.

When we get overwhelmed with something, the mind goes into a state of mild shock and feels like it can’t process through it at the moment or any moment.

Why is that? 

There is a myriad of reasons from your past that may be causing this. It’s highly likely that it stems from some version of trauma in your life that you haven’t been able to fully process through your body. Just thinking about it may cause your neck to lock up and a massive headache will take you out, causing you to not even be able to focus on your computer screen. Sound familiar?

There is an easy way to handle this.

Take it one tiny tiny step at a time.

When I say tiny, I mean so ridiculously small it’s laughable.

Something that you’ll only spend 5 minutes on.

For example:

Take out the quiz and read through it for 5 minutes.

Easy, right?

The fact that it’s so ridiculously easy is the point. Why? Because it gets the ball rolling on the project.

What’s the chance that I’ll spend more than 5 minutes on this project once I get started? Huge.

Same thing will work for you too.

So, if you’re overwhelmed with a project or task, ask yourself this:

What is one thing you can do for 5 minutes on this that will move it forward?


Let me know what happens in the comments below. <3



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