My First BioField Tuning Experience

In my very first BioField Tuning session, I loved the feeling of having the grounding center and source center opened up and flowing all throughout my body. I’ve never felt that kind of powerful energy running through my core before.
At the time I had been experiencing a lot of pain and tightness in my right hip and had been for years. I wanted to address this area since it was the most persistently painful and uncomfortable.
What I didn’t expect is what happened afterwards…
After the session I walked the neighborhood to integrate the adjustment I had just had, with lots of cracking and popping happening as my body worked on realigning itself. I also saw a squirrel which absolutely delighted me. A squirrel! In SLC! I very much miss the squirrels in the South.
On my way home I got stuck in traffic but I didn’t care because I was pretty numbed out from the experience. Maybe even in a bit of shock? Kinda felt that way.
When I was around Lagoon (about 45 minutes in traffic) I felt this incredible ball of energy come out of my chest. This energy felt strong and solid like a brick wall without it being a wall that blocks things out, just a solidness to my heart. It felt like my inner authority, my heart, came back online. It felt incredibly regal and there was a proud, unapologetic sassiness that came with it.
It was so strong that I became a bit apprehensive about what was going to come out of my mouth. My strong sassy teenager self was back. I recognized this part of me, and this part was all of sudden stronger than it had ever been.
So this is what it felt like to get reset back to factory settings…
When I got home and walked through the door, Lee asked me how it went, and I immediately told him I have no idea what’s going to come out of my mouth and that I now have this sassy side that has major attitude.
His response?
“Oh, there you are. It’s about time.”
I instantly was able to relax. I was having such anticipation and a bit of anxiety around how he would react. Would he accept this new expressed part of me or would he reject it like some many have in my past?
Hearing the joy and complete acceptance in his voice relaxed me and helped me to feel so proud of the work that I was able to face, accept, and allow to move through me.
I truly believe that the right people for you need the real you and are overjoyed when they find you because you have what they need. This was such a confirmation for me around that and knowing I get to experience this with Lee. He has what I need and I have what he needs.
Unconditional love is one of the most beautiful things we can experience and I know how important it is to feel this and hold the space for as we heal and grow. Without it, it’s hard to do the real inner work, whatever that might be.
May you find the right people for you to hold this space for you too. It’s time to start doing the real work.

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