Who Are The Nine Modern Day Muses And A Body Guard?

The Brilliant Business School has new team members!

Ten new team members to be exact. They are The Nine Modern Day Muses And A Body Guard and it’s time for you to meet them.

The Muses were brought into this world through the imagination of Jill Badonsky, the founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching and the author of The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Body Guard): 10 Guides To Creative Inspiration*. In her book, Jill describes how they came through her and into the world.

In her article about Who Are The Muses And The Body Guard, Jill shares what a muse is and how she became a Muse Broker.

She also described how there’s a Modern Day Muse for every block the modern day mortal has, like these: (experts from the article mentioned above)

  • There’s one who helps you pay attention to what you do right: Ahaphrodite. (my personal favorite)
  • Another one that helps with you if you are overwhelmed or avoiding work: Marge
  • Another one helps you have fun in the process: Bea Silly.

These are the principles and their personified Muse in a nutshell:

  1. Aha-phrodite, The Muse of Paying Attention
    Paying attention is crucial to the mindfulness that is vital to both creativity and happiness.
  2. Albert, The Muse of Thinking Differently:
    The ability to think and be differently differentiates the idea, the process and the person from everyone else.
  3. Bea Silly, The Muse of Play and the Kid-like Spirit:
    Playing with ideas and taking a light, uninhibited approach is essential to the different stages of the creative process. 
  4. Muse Song, The Muse of Self-Kindness:
    Self-talk that elicits creative action is required for successful creativity. This voice provides techniques that elevate the creative self rather than diminishes it. It reminds us to surround ourselves with those people who believe in us.
  5. Spills, The Muse of Practice, Process and Imperfection
    Giving oneself permission to be imperfect, to lower standards, to relax into the process are all techniques that continues to prove to be effective to those with procrastination, fear, perfection and overwhelm issue.  When practice is understood as essential and is made easy and enticing – progress and joy are inevitable.
  6. Audacity, The Muse of Courage and Uninhibited Uniqueness:
    Courage, confidence, liberation from the opinions of others = creative freedom and is the fuel to take occasional grand leaps into creative endeavors (followed up by small steps). Audacity is the voice of believing in our unique authenticity enough not to be hindered by others.
  7. Lull, The Muse of Taking Breaks:
    Do not underestimate the importance of taking a break, allowing subconscious connections to take place during inactivity, taking stock of gratitude, allow connections to take place and dappling in other areas. 
  8. The Shadow Muse,The Muse with Gifts From the Darkside:
    This principle is the technique of understanding our dark sides for their potential to inspire art, for the freedom it gives us to accept ourselves as human apologetically for the understanding, compassion and connection  
  9. Marge, The Muse of Getting Started:
    One must actually show-up and engage in the process for creativity to happen.  Small steps, structure, classes, partnering, creativity-coaching, all these things give the sometimes distracted creative seeker a container in which to thrive. (Marge is named after the sheriff in the film Fargo).
  10. The Bodyguard:
    Because of all the detractors to the creative process, there needs to be a willingness to ruthlessly protect the idea, the intention, and the time set aside for its work.  This voice engages awareness of detractors and teaches how to employ the skills to overcome their disabling effect.

I have been honored to learn from Jill on how to be a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and fell in love with the Muses and their body guard. Since they have been such a big help to me, I thought they’d all be perfect team members to help my community be inspired to discover their own brilliance and become excited about the work they are here to do in the world.

With Jill’s permission (the muses are her copyrighted material after all), I’ve hired the Muses and their body guard to help out at the Brilliant Business School to whisper inspirations in your ears as you work, celebrate your wins, and to be available for you to call on at any time you need help in any of the areas mentioned above.

Know that they are always on your side.

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