Notion – What’s New And How To Enhance Your Vision Board

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If you’ve taken the Brilliant Business Planner course, you know how powerful the Notion App is to being able to plan out, organize, and keep track of your business all in one place.

Seriously, it’ll change everything for you.

Notion replaces Evernote, Google Docs, Trello, Asana, GitHubWiki, Google Sheets, AirTable, and more.

The only thing I’ve found that it doesn’t replace is Google Calendar – yet. And also Scrivener and Ulysses (but only for book writing – all my book ideas still get captured in Notion and I move them over when the idea is ready to be written).

I write all of my blog posts (including this one) and emails inside of Notion now, capture all of my business ideas, course plans, future goals, trainings, and even shopping lists. I can put due dates on everything, see it in calendar view, and check it off when I’m done.

I love how minimal, streamlined, and flexible the app is, which helps keep me less distracted and focused on what’s in front of me. Plus, it syncs to my iPhone and iPad, so I can take it with me.

It swells my organizational loving heart.

So, what’s new?

Notion recently released an updated that now includes a “Gallery View”.

In their .gif above you can see the gist of how it works, but they make it look slightly easier to use than it is.

I’m going to show you a couple ways to get the gallery view to work quickly and easily for you (including how to do what they’ve done above).

The new Gallery Board View release is not designed to be like a Trello board (that’s the Kanban Board View). Think of it more as a personal Pinterest board.

And although having a Pinterest board is great, it’s also really really nice to have all of your images in one place inside of the Notion App because it helps you to be able to focus on what’s important and not get distracted by those smokin’ hot new boots that just got advertised to you.

Those boots will getcha every time…

It’s especially important to just focus on your vision when it’s visioning time so that your brain and emotionally energy can stay honed in on what matters most to you and not get all ADHD chasing squirrels and confusing the Universe on what it is you really want. (Ahem…boots…)

Focus on what’s important.

Creating a Gallery View for your Vision Board is an excellent way to be able to stay focused on your dreams.

Sure, you can go to Pinterest or Google and grab an image from there. Have at it. You can also use images you already have.

Two Ways To Use The Notion Gallery View:

  1. Save the image onto your hard drive (right click and save). Then drag and drop it into your Gallery and each image will automatically be turned into a pin. Just like they have shown above in the .gif.
  2. Copy the image URL, paste it into the notes section of the board, select embed, and poof, your image is created as a pin. You can rename it (where it says ‘Untitled’) and even add notes above or below the image. Don’t worry, the notes won’t show up if there is an image. The image takes president.\

Page the image URL in the notes section (shown below) and select “embed image”.

Then the image will be embedded and the URL will disappear.

Then it shows up as a beautiful photo in Gallery View when you click out of it.

This is one of the fastest ways to create a vision board that you can take anywhere with you, helping you to keep it front of mind so your intentions stay in alignment with your vision.

You can also create a branding board this way that you can share with your team. Talk about keeping things organized and clean!

(Yes, your team will love you for it and think you’re brilliant – because you are!)


Stay High Vibe,

Natalie Marie Collins

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