One Good Way To Be Productive

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Hey Honeysuckle!

I just got the Message In A Bottle for this month and I’m so excited that I was asked to be a part of it. We talked about productivity. You can listen to the whole recording when you sign up to get your messages.

This is one of my favorite subjects.

Let’s face it, we all want to be productive. In fact, I’ve noticed that if I haven’t been productive in quite a while (even for an entire day) I can start getting grouchy. It’s almost like I become a super hungry cookie monster looking for sugar.

The grouchiness comes from when I really want to start doing something meaningful with my time. It’s an inconsistency that shows up with who I feel I’m meant to be and what I’m meant to do. If I harness that energy, I can turn that building drive into great and creative things.

There’s a catch though (and if you are struggling with being productive, this might be yours too)

If there is a lack of clarity on what it is I’m doing or where I’m going with whatever it is I’m doing, it simply becomes busy work. You know, that work that you do that is productivity in disguise. That work that only ends up being work and not fueled by fun or passion. It may feel fulfilling at first, but it’s a lie.


Busy work is only there to distract you from what you are really suppose to be doing with your life.

So, if you feel those frustrations come up even if you been productive doing busy work all day, listen to it. It’s trying to tell you something.

It’s trying to tell you that there is something more for you, something bigger and better.

If you are struggling with it or doing your best to get out from behind a mountain of paperwork, then….

…ask yourself this…

“What is one small thing I can do today that will get me one step closer to where I want to be or what I want to have?”

If you want a clean house, what is one small thing you can do today to get you one step closer to having a clean house? Would it be doing the dishes? Folding and putting away the laundry?

What about in your business. What is one small thing you can do today that will get you one step closer to having what you truly want to do and be inside of that. It could be to send out an email to your list, or make a video or write one chapter in your upcoming book.

By asking yourself this question, making it something small enough that it’s not overwhelming, and then doing that one small thing will give you a deeper sense of accomplishment and will help to motivate you to do more of that.

When you are focused on those baby steps that get you one step closer to what you truly want, it starts to build momentum in your right direction, creating a more productive, happy you.

So, Sugar Pie, what’s it gonna be? What’s that one small step you can do today?


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