Our Potential And Deconditioning

Human Design is here to show us our potential.
But how do we tap in and reach that potential?
Human Design says in order to do that, we need to decondition in order to become ourselves.
This means to reverse conditioned behaviors, responses, and behavior patterns. The parts that aren’t us.
Human Design teaches that it takes 7 years to complete the deconditioning process.
The whole time I’ve been in the experimentation of this all, I’ve consistently asked myself if there was a better way to decondition beyond asking myself questions and contemplation and awareness and more experimentation and, and…
Are there better tools for this?
Can we find a better way?
Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design) talks about getting into harmony with ourselves. There are many layers to the symphony that is the vibration of who we really are. These show up as the base, color, and tones.
Named appropriately.
When we start to let go of what isn’t us, and align to our true selves, we vibrate in a completely different way and others can sense it.
This also magnetizes our right people to us.
I know because I get this all the time.
When I was at the shaman retreat last November, the channel showed me how the symphony of it all really works together. How alignment and harmony is the key.
Then it showed me the potential of it all. The sheer beauty of it had rivers pouring out of my eyes.
Then it showed me how the tuning forks assist deeply in the process and that these were to be the tools I am to use.
What I’ve learned is that the tuning forks used in the aura (a/k/a “BioField” in science terms) connects with the body’s organizational intelligence to releasing the static or conditioning (usually caused by emotional upsets in life), resetting the body, and essentially creating harmony between it all.
It addresses the patterns and conditioning at their core!
The first time I experienced this was shocking and liberating at the same time. I had never experienced anything getting to the core like this before and then completely eradicating the issue.
I’ve been studying and practicing this ever since.
This vision I received…this vision of the potential harmony of humanity…it’s going to take a lot of work, but it’s possible. I believe in us.

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