What Is The Repeat Profit System?

The Repeat Profit System is a coveted and incredibly effective marketing system that my husband Lee Collins created in 2008. This is an incredibly powerful, yet simple, system that is a beautiful addition to what you are already doing in your business.

I’m going to give you a little back story with it and then explain more about what it is as we go along.

After he put it into place in his business, he was able to quickly build his business up to over $100K per month and reduce his work down to 4 hours per month. Quickly meaning within a month he jumped from $10K per month to $100K per month. That is exactly how he became known as the “Add A Zero Guy”.

He had 4 people total working in his business at the time, including himself. He automated everything else.

Beautiful, right?

He was able to live every day like a vacation. The lifestyle we all dream of.

Until 2010…

That’s when he and his wife at the time decided to get a divorce and because of that, shut everything down.

He went from having $100K a month effortlessly rolling in to digging in couch cushions for change just so he could get a burrito from Taco Bell.

It was dramatic and traumatic all at the same time. Shutting everything down basically killed his mojo.

To help him get his mojo back, he started helping other companies put systems into place so they could have a well oiled machine for a business. Two years into this is when we met in 2012.

After teaching me about the system and healing from his traumatic mojo killing wounds, in 2015 he looked at me one day and said “It’s time to bring it back”.

“Hell yeah!” I yelled, “It’s about time!” I literally jumped up and down for joy.

He was also ready to start working with me (another finally!), and so we decided to start coaching a few select clients on how to implement the system into their businesses.

The results were amazing to watch. One client started making 211% as much within a few months. Another client saw her profits increase by over 400% a month. Lee was a little stunned, until he realized the system worked even better because the software and technology is even better now than it was when he first created it in 2008.

The three main things we use are:

Clickfunnels*, Deadline Funnel Timer* and Facebook Ads. That’s it.

Now let me explain what the Repeat Profit System (RPS) is and how it works.

There are 4 phases within RPS. They are:


Phase 1 – The 4-Day Flash Sale

This phase alone can change your business. Let me explain…

This isn’t about the traditional launch system you hear about all over the place. This is launching smart, with products you already have. Take a golden nugget or two out of one of your courses and create a mini course from it. Because, seriously, that’s all people want from your right now – that golden nugget that will help them move a step forward.

Throw a few bonuses into the mix – ones that compliment the mini course and make sense with what you have to offer.

Then hook it all up inside of Clickfunnels, put the Deadline Funnel Timer on the page, mail it out to your list at a super low price (we have found that $27 is a great number) to make it a now brainer, and watch the sales roll in.

Want our exact phase 1 4-Day Flash Sale ClickFunnels funnel we use for FREE? Click here to get it!


Phase 2 – Paid Ads

Lee has a rule – free traffic goes to free offers, paid traffic goes to paid offers.

This is where the Facebook ads come into play. Once you know that your 4-Day Flash Sale is a good one (meaning people on your list have bought it), it’s ready to be sent out into the world as a paid offer. We start with Facebook Ads because these are the easiest ads to get started and can get results/feedback the fastest.

Start running Facebook traffic to your Phase 2 4-Day Flash Sale page by duplicating  the Phase 1 page, put an evergreen Deadline Funnel Timer on it, make sure everything’s working by testing it, and you’re ready to create your ad.


Phase 3 – JV’s and Affiliates

Once you know that your people love your product and your new Facebook audience loves your product, you’re ready to have others share it with their network of people. You can do this by splitting the revenue with others that send traffic your way by having an affiliate program set up.

Don’t have an affiliate program? Don’t worry, when you download the Free 4-Day Flash Sale Funnel, you’ll have access to an affiliate program already built into Clickfunnels for you. Easy peasy.


Phase 4 – Full Price

So, what happens when the 4-Day Flash Sale ends? The Deadline Funnel Timer should redirect them to your full price page. If you sold your product for $27 as the flash sale price, your regular price could be $97. (You can make the pricing whatever you want it to be – it’s your product – this is just an example.)

Make sure you have a regular sales page with the full price amount on it. This is easy to create inside of Clickfunnels because all you have to do is duplicate your 4-Day Flash Sale page, make a few tweaks, and you’re good to go.

And yes, people will pay the full price if they’ve missed the sale.


That’s it in a nutshell!

This is something that you can then repeat over and over and over again creating your own Repeat Profit System in your business.

That’s how you build your brilliant business!

To get started, download the FREE 4-Day Flash Sale Funnel!


Stay High Vibe,

Natalie Marie Collins
Brilliant Business Coach


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