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Applying The 7 Habits For Mastering Your Life

Enhance your personal and professional life by learning how to apply Steven Covey’s 7 Habits. This valuable book will show you how to master every aspect of your life in habits, relationships, career, money, health and your ultimate calling using Stephen Covey’s timeless and proven model. More info…

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The Biz Plan Book – 2017 Edition

Your all-in-one Workbook + Planner to help you brainstorm your ambitious goals, get mega focused, stay on track and bring your awe-inspiring passions & dreams to life. It’s filled with over 240 pages of practical and creative ways to get you planning your business 3 months at a time. Digital version plus bonuses now available!

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My Book Of Blends

Keep all of your favorite essential oil and hydrosol blend recipes safe in one place in My Book Of Blends. This 5×8 book is the perfect size to stick in your purse and be able to take with you anywhere so you can capture your blending ideas at any moment. The beautiful layout even has a place for you to give it a love factor rating, an area for notes and how to use, plus the purpose of the blend.

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Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils help to enhance your mind, body and soul’s overall health. Young Living is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality possible. Discover how their wide selection of essential oils can improve your life. More info…

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Blog Success Kit

Blogging on a consistent basis doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with the tips and tricks you will learn with the Blog Success Kit, it makes it easy to continuously produce consistent and valuable content your readers (and Google) will love! More info…

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Working With Virtual Assistants

Need help with your online business but don’t know how to let go of some of the work? Let Natalie Marie Collins and Brian Bacilico show you straightforward and easy ways to pass off the work that is draining you to a Virtual Assistant (who loves doing the work) so you can focus on the more important things in your life + business. More info…

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Doodles For Your Websites

Love seeing hand drawn doodles on websites? Now you can have loads of them on yours! More info…

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One-On-One Help

Struggling with direction in your business? Need help implementing a 3-month plan? Want to double your business? Ready to create a powerful backend system full of products your tribe loves? Get professional one-on-one help from Natalie Marie Collins to help you discover the business of your dreams and the help you need to achieve your goals. More info…

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