Video: Simplifiying – The Lip Balm Edition

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I have a major addiction…


I’ve had hoards and hoards of these tiny little critters hiding all over my house…and in my purse…and in my car…and…and…

At least I used to.

That is until I came across the perfect (for me) lip balm that I absolutely love. They are the perfect blend of butter soft moisture that lasts much longer than most of the ones I had.

They are the lip balm collection from Taste Beauty. (Found here)

This week I really buckled down and simplify my lip balm collection to having one I love at each one of my major spots in the house and a small backup collection of other ones I decided to keep. I threw away quite a few that I realized I didn’t really like but tolerated because I spent money on them. (You know…those ones)

I have found that by slowly decluttering, minimizing and simplifying one area of my life and business at a time, it’s really been working out perfect for me. The more I do this, the more focused and lighter I feel, which helps me focus on the things that really matter to me in my life and business.

I explain more in the video below AND tell you more about the lip balms.

As promised, here is the list and (affiliate) links to the lip balms in order of my favorites:

1. Marshmallow Cream
2. Candy Cane
3. Confetti Cake
4. Soft Candy
5. Bubble Gum
6. Hot Chocolate

So tell me love, what is your favorite lip balm? And if you’ve used Treat lip balms, what’s your favorite flavor?


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