When it comes to who you are, you have a unique energy expression through the elements that gets shown to the world, whether you know about it or not.

And even if you do know about it and try to hide it (like I did, more on that in a bit), it’s so blatantly obvious to everyone who meets you that if you’re not in alignment with it (clothing, branding, makeup, etc), it becomes hard for others to jive with you and sometimes even take you seriously.

Especially potential clients.

If the clients you want to attract aren’t jiving with you and you’re attracting the wrong peeps, it may be because you’re not in your element.

What are the elements exactly?

Air. Fire. Water. Earth.

They are the natural elements of the world, and because we are of the world too, we have all 4 inside of us. There is always 1 that becomes our primary expression, your natural energetic expression, that we put out into the world.

How do you know which element is your primary expression?

This is when you get to explore what it is for you and which one is yours.

Let’s dive into what each one is and represents. From going through the explanations of each one, you’ll start to see which one feels more like you. It may be obvious to you right away, or it may become a process of elimination.


The Air Element has lots of light, bouncy, fun energy. They are the ones who are the life of the party, find friends everywhere they go and enjoy having random adventures.

When they move, they have a very high level of movement. For example, arms flailing about as they describe something in a very upward movement (usually above their head).

When they are explaining something, it’s usually with lots of enthusiasm, expression, giggles, and a twinkle in their eye.

When they work, they want it to be fun and love throwing brilliant ideas around.

When others are reflecting the Air energy back to them, they usually use words like:

  • Adorable
  • Cute
  • Adventurous
  • Giggly
  • So much FUN!

Does this sound like you?


The Fire Element carries with it a lot of swift and dynamic energy. They are very independent people who are always pushing things forward to get them done with a lot of practicality and passion.

When they move, there is a lot of fast, swift, and erratic movements. For example, they’ll passionately move their hands a lot when they talk and are the ones at the table most likely to knock over their drink.

It’s also easy to spot a Fire Element because they are the ones that bring so much passion into the things they do, including doing the dishes, that it can be heard echoing around the house or workplace.  Meaning, they can be really loud, no matter how quiet they try to be.

When they work, they want to just get things done quickly and mark it off the list. They are driven by accomplishing the goal and are not afraid of getting dirty in the process.

When others are reflecting the Fire energy back to them, they usually use words like:

  • Busy
  • Go-Getter
  • Loud
  • Dynamic
  • Hot
  • Fiery

Does this sound like you?


The Water Element brings a calm, soothing, and nurturing energy. They are the ones that everyone wants to be their mom or dad because everyone feels so cared for around them. They are the ones that during parties makes sure everyone has a full glass and a full belly.

When they move, they have a soft, flowing movement. For example, they may smooth pillows on the couch as they glide by them. They are also all about being comfortable. Pajamas that are soft and ultra comfy are usually a staple clothing item.

When they work, they bring a meticulous level of detail and thoroughness into everything they do. They make things flow smoothly.

When others are reflecting their Water energy back to them, they usually use words like:

  • Comfortable
  • Taken care of
  • Nurturing
  • Caring deeply
  • Quiet
  • Muted

Does this sound like you?


The Earth Element brings a bold, calm, and poised energy. They are very symmetrical in things they do, the way they talk, and even have symmetry in their facial features. A lot of models and actresses are Earth because of the clean symmetry they posses (and immaculate pores).

When they move, they make smaller, more deliberate movements, if they move at all. This is a very still energy expression, therefore they don’t need their clothes to move much and prefer to have their clothing clean and tailored to fit.

When they work, they are very methodical in what they are doing. They are the ones who like to plan things out, put a system in place, and make checklists for the process. They can move through what they are doing swiftly as long as there is a system put in place first. They prefer to move from A to B, then B to C, then C to D, and so on, always improving the efficiency factor along the way.

When other are reflecting their Earth energy back to them, they usually use words like:

  • Structured
  • Well spoken
  • Stunning
  • Detailed
  • Organized
  • Elegant
  • Flawless

Does this sound like you?

Which Element sounds most like you?

Which Element do you think describes you the most?

This is a discovery process that you get to uncover. You may know immediatly what your Element is or it may take you a bit of time to go through each one and really feel your way through it.

For me, it took someone else telling me in order for me to see it. I was surprised and also pissed because I had just completely redid my wardrobe to a minimalist style and that meant I had gotten it completely wrong. Black, white and gray are NOT in the Fire Element wardrobe. However, what I learned in the minimalist wardrobe process has been invaluable as I started to create my Fire Element wardrobe in bringing in only items I love and know I’ll wear over and over again. It’s made picking my outfits each day a complete joy that’s in alignment with my energy and I feel amazing about.

Why would you want to discover and brand yourself in your element?

  • Discover your own natural beauty
  • Discovery on how others perceive you
  • Dressing and branding harmonizes
  • You’ll look younger, thinner, & healthier
  • You become more confident
  • Discover your own natural beauty
  • Discovery on how others perceive you
  • Dressing and branding harmonizes
  • You’ll look younger, thinner, & healthier
  • You become more confident
  • You attract more aligned people to you and your business
  • You become more YOU!

Yeah, all those things.

How do I know this?

I’ve gone through the process and come out the other side amazed because all those things happened to me too. You’ll be able to read more about that in my next article.

Until then, let’s discover what your element is so you can see how beautiful you really are.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think your element is.

Big Hugs,

P.S. If you need help figuring out what your element is and your next steps in your alignment process, set up a time to connect with me.


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