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What Is Human Design?

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As of the time of this writing, I’ve just entered into my 4th year of experimenting and learning how my energy works, how my clients energy works and how it all relates to being an entrepreneur and living our best lives through the lens of Human Design.

To say Human Design is life changing is an extreme understatement.

Because it’s shifted everything…

My Clients
My Family

All of it.

So, what is Human Design exactly?

In January of 1987, a man named Ra Uru Hu had a mystical encounter with what he calls “The Voice” and for 8 days was given the information that taught him the basis of the mechanical nature of the universe. He was given immensely detailed and scientific knowledge that is now known as the Human Design System.

In its essence, Human Design is a synthesis of the esoteric sciences of Astrology, The I-Ching, Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra System, and the modern day sciences of Quantum Physics combined together to explain the working of the universe and how we are individually designed energetically.

This design shows us how energy moves through and is expressed through us in our own unique way, that creates each individual as different. Human Design shows us not only how we energy moves through and expressed through us, but also how we are designed to interact with the world and from that space, and especially how we are designed to make our own correct decisions along with our own decision making process.

Human Design teaches us that in 1781 the entire human system evolved from a 7 centered being (Hindu Chakra System) to a 9 centered being, with all chakra centers getting an upgrade. With this evolution, it brought in the Projector types who are here to help the shift from being dominated and directed by the traditional hierarchy to a more self directed way of living. This self direction is to be guided by Projectors who have the ability to deeply see the power of the other types and help them use their energy wisely through guidance, for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

This is evident with the current shift of corporations and the rise of entrepreneurs, self-employment, and freelancing.

One of the things The Voice revealed to Ra was how neutrinos (Quantum Physics) have traveled throughout the galaxy, collecting data from the planets as they pass through them, and then at the time of our birth imprint us with this information (Astrology) to create our unique design. Everyone is different. This imprinting becomes our Energetic Blueprint, your roadmap (Kabbalah) to how you’re designed to feel into and make decisions that are correct for you and how to live your life in the magic that only you can bring.

Your unique decision making process is one of the most precious and powerful tools you could ever learn. It is how you connect with what’s called your Inner Authority and intuition.

It’s all determined by how you’ve been imprinted at the time of your birth. It will reveal to you your gifts, your path, where you’re going, and where you’ve come from. (I-Ching + DNA)

It’s mystical, revealing, and crazy accurate.

It’s so reveling that it’s now a requirement of all of my clients to have their Human Design charts pulled (I do this for them). This shows me who they are and how they’re designed to work. As a Projector myself, I feel the deep responsibility to be sure those I am guiding are getting in touch with their Inner Authority, their unique Strategy, learning how to listen to it, and working in the way they are designed to. This has helped to create happier, healthier, and more sustainable individuals and businesses.

If you’d like for me to pull your Human Design chart too, click here, fill out the form, and I’ll send it over to you shortly.

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