A while back I wrote about switching to ConvertKit. Shortly after that post, I switched to Kartra*. Here’s why…

I’ve been on the hunt pretty much since the beginning of time for a platform that has it all and that I could love.

I’ve explored and used a wide variety of software programs. Like DAP, Amember, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Invanto, even Clickfunnels and on and on… Most I’ve used in my own business. I’ve set up an even larger list for others when I did that type of work.

I was at my wits end with platforms. I just wanted to consolidate everything into one platform, but nothing did what I really wanted it to.

What did I really want?

I wanted a software that could handle creating every aspect of a Repeat Profits System with 4-Day Flash Sales along with housing the products and members area, have a payment processor, host the list with tagging, visual campaign/sequence builder, affiliate stuff…basically everything I could ever want in running an online information and training business.

I’ve realized over the years in doing this, that that is a lot to ask for, but I continued to hold out hope.

Then Kartra* came along and stole my heart.

Turns out I had been looking for love in all the wrong places.

Here’s the thing, Kartra is built by marketers who understand what is needed to make an online business work seamlessly. The best way to accomplish this is to have an all-in-one platform.

Why is an all-in-one platform best?

When you have multiple software platforms connecting to each other (usually via API), each connection point creates a potential disconnection in the flow. If one point gets disconnected, the chances of you actually making a sale because of the technical glitch dramatically decreases (depending on where the break happens), and also creates a trust disconnect between you and your potential client.

I’ve experienced soooooo many tech glitches like this in the past, that I’m frankly sick of it and understand how important it is have a seamless flow for both you and the user experience.

When you have a platform that integrates all of the pieces into itself, the potential disconnection points decreases dramatically and so does your anxiety. *Insert sigh of relief*

Now that you’re clear on why I prefer an all-in-one system, let’s go through the rundown of the key features that Kartra has to offer you to see if this is what you are looking for too, and also what other platforms it can replace.

Also, at the end of this post, I’ll also share with you why Kartra may not be right for you, so you can have both sides of the picture and make your own educated decision that’s best for you.

With that, let’s get started…


When you log into your Karta account, the first thing you’ll see is your dashboard. This is handy because it gives you an overview of your stats and how your business is doing.

It shows an overview of the last 7 days of your business including:

Sales – Overall and Top Affiliates

Subscriptions – Lists, Sequences, and Memberships

Recent Broadcasts – How many Recipients, Opens, Clicks, Goals, and money made from each broadcast in both numbers and percentages

Traffic & Conversion – Pages, Videos, and Forms

Helpdesk – New Tickets Today, Tickets Unread, New Chats Today, and Overall Satisfaction Rate

Incredibly handy to see on overview of how your business is working.



Here you’ll see the 2018 Biz Plan Book as the example. Since it’s no longer 2018 there are no sales stats, for obvious reasons.

This is where you’ll create the product itself, get the checkout link, create tracking links, coupons, analytics, and also where you’ll control your affiliates and affiliate programs.

Inside the product itself (edit), you control the payment processors, pricing (you can have multiple pricing levels), content (sales and thank you pages), checkout page look and feel with cart abandonment options, post sale access, tagging, and sequence options, and affiliate control.


The communication center is where you’ll manage your lists, create broadcasts and automations, and track all of your efforts. It’s split into 3 sections and we’ll explore each one below.

Leads Tab

The Leads tab is where you’ll manage your lists, leads/subscribers, and tags


You’ll have 3 areas here inside the Communications tab too. This is where you’ll create and send out your broadcasts, create and manage sequences, and create and manage your advanced automations.

Here’s a peak at what the sequence creator looks like:


Kartra gives you in depth stats on how many people you have on your lists, what their activity is, like new subscribers and unsubscribes, and even what their value is to you.

Broadcasts stats gives you details about your latests one-time broadcasts (emails and newsletters), how many people that email got sent to, how many clicked, unsubscribed and even marked your email as spam. The best part is the goals area where you can set a revenue goal for each email and also see what your revenue was for that email (if you had it all connected to your product inside of Kartra).

Sequence stats gives you in depth info on how many people you have in each of your sequence, what each subscriber value is as a global view and in individual sequences (so you can know how well your sequences are performing!), how many are active, subscribed and even unsubscribed.

It’s important to know your stats in your business so you can know how well your business is doing, and Kartra gives that to you.


Now, here’s where Kartra gets fun.

You can build any kind of page you want inside of Kartra.

Sales Pages
Landing Pages
Optin Pages
Thank You Pages
Squeeze Pages
Video Sales Pages
Long Sales Pages
Coming Soon Pages
Product Launch Pages
Product Review Pages
Webinar Registration
Checkout Pages
404 Pages
Upsell Pages
Members Login Pages
Live Event Pages
Affiliate Pages
Legal Pages
Blog Post Pages
Blog Home Pages
Blank Pages (you create your own)
And even a place to keep your templates for branding

The best part is, they have multiple templates for ALL these pages!

I’ve even seen people create their entire website just using all the great Kartra pages and ditching their WordPress site.

To give you an example, I built the Fit and Fresh Life Podcast optin Thank You page in Kartra and used the “Thank You For Registering” Thank You Page template.

This one:

You can check out the live version and how I modified it HERE.

Split Tests

You can even create split tests by creating different versions of the same sales page and let the people’s wallets vote for which one wins. For those who are very data driven, this is a fantastic feature. It’s also great if you have different team members arguing over how they thing the sales page should be laid out. You can have both and let the data do the talking. (Make it a healthy competition)


And then of course you have an analytics section where you can view the stats of all of your pages at once and dive into them individually so you know how each of them are performing.


As with Pages, you can also build forms and use the templates provided and they are gorgeous (you’ll see one at the end of this post).

The one thing that you’ll see is not an option is a blank template. This may disappoint some, but there is a work-a-round for this and I think you’ll understand why there isn’t a blank form builder because of this. In the Form Design section of the form creator, you have many options on how to use this form.

There are the basics where you’ll select the form fields you want to use, and then there is where it’ll show up on the page. You can create a Kartra page that has a place to embed the basic form, turning your entire page into the optin or checkout type page. This gives you endless amounts of flexibility.

When launching the form builder, this is where you’ll see the templates and get the embed code to place anywhere you’d like.

Here’s just some of the templates. There are so many and they just keep going!


Hands down my favorite area of Kartra is the Memberships. When I first got Kartra, I didn’t like the way that the Memberships were laid out because I felt there was something missing. Let me explain. Each membership has the capability to have 4 different membership levels. Each membership level can be what you want it to be, even individual products. And that was the kicker. I had a hard time figuring out what went where. I felt there was a missing piece.

Here’s what I figured out and how I view this section:

I use each membership area as a product or class area. Within each product or class can be upsells and different levels available. I find that having the area as one entire members area that holds all the information is too cumbersome.

You can see here how I’ve used each members area:

The product can then be assembled inside of the builder in the contents section.

This is what inside the membership builder looks like:

There are tons of building blocks you get to choose from on the side to put into place everything you need to build a solid course, including areas to advertise the other products and services you offer.


I then put each of the members area (products) into a portal to create more of that “members area” feel and also product display page. In the second tier of Kartra you can create as many members areas and portals as you’d like. Each portal can hold whatever configuration of members areas you’d like.

You can see live how I’ve configured the Brilliant Business School’s portal HERE.

Help Desks

The last part I’m going to highlight in this review is the Help Desk area. Because yes, Kartra also has an integrated help desk and it’s gorgeous. It integrates with your products and your customers sign in with the same username and login as they do for everything else on your platform. They can submit support tickets and you’ll see it inside of each of their profiles in the backend of Kartra. You’ll know all the important details about them and their interaction with you.

You can even do live chat through the help desk and embed it on any of your Kartra pages and members areas.

You can see what the Brilliant Business School’s Help Desk looks like HERE.


There is so much to Kartra and in this article we’ve covered the most important areas that you need to know about to make a decision about if Kartra is right for you or not. Hopefully by now you can see why Kartra is hands down my favorite online business platform (and trust me, I’ve tried 99% of them in one way or another). Kartra is by far my holy grail.


Want to give it a try? Kartra has a 14 day trial for only $1 when you use my aff link HERE.


Need even more information about Kartra before you decide? I’ve created a 4-hour video walkthrough you can get below:

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