What Men REALLY Think About Women: Secrets From A Parking Lot

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Hello Sweet Cheeks!

Have you ever wondered what men REALLY think about women?

Sometimes I think men are a mystery. I mean, how can they possibly have a “nothing box” (as my husband, Lee describes that blank look in his eyes when he’s just sitting there) when my woman mind never seems to shut up.


If only men knew how much chatter really goes on in a woman’s head…


I really, Really, REALLY need to share this story with you.

It’s simple. It’s powerful. It made my heart melt.

For a stranger.

Today I had to go over to the ATM. No big deal. I do this all the time. In Georgia there are very few drive up ATMs and the closest one to me is not one of those. It’s in the middle of a random parking lot.

There were two gentlemen hanging outside of their trucks with various electronic type equipment sitting on the hoods of the vehicles. At first I thought they might be making a Craigslist deal, but turns out they were there to work on the ATM I was visiting.

When I got out of my car and walked up to the ATM, one of them (we will call him Guy #1) turns and point blank asks me “Is this man attractive?”.


I stopped dead in my tracks and gave them both a questioning look that told them I needed more info.

“Don’t answer that.” the Guy #2 sheepishly replied.

“We are having a discussion…” Guy #1 started to explain.

“I recently lost my compass.” interjected Guy #2.

“What do you mean by compass?” I asked

“I lost my woman. My compass. You see, a woman is a man’s compass. I recently lost mine.” explained Guy #2

At this moment in time, my heart melted into a big puddle of mushy goo.

Did you hear that ladies?!?


Take notes, girlfriend, this is an extremely powerful secret!

A woman is a man's compass.


A small simple lesson from a stranger in a parking lot that made so much sense to me. So much so, that it explained the deeper meaning behind so much behavior that I’ve seen (and maybe you have too).

For example: We’ve all seen those nasty bachelor pads. As woman, we just want to go in and give it a feminine touch. Better yet, we just want to throw all of that crap away and start from scratch and turn it into a pretty, eye catching, home-away-from-home place to be.

Let’s face it girls. If he’s Mr. Right, that stuff is going to end up being in your space eventually, so you might as well make it what you want from the start.

How many men have you met let you do just take over their place like that?

My guess is quite a few.


Because most don’t really know what to do with the space. They are comfortable making it work for now.

What I really think is that they are just waiting for the right woman to come along to turn it into a home. Surprise! Guys NEED it! This gives them somewhere to look forward to after a long day at work. With you there, it’s even better.

By having you in his life, you show him where home is, where he needs to go back to after his long day of hunting and gathering through the big concrete jungle. It’s not just about the house. It’s about where you are.

You are his final destination. You are where he is headed.

You are his compass.

He needs you.

You matter.



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