What Results Would I Expect?

“What result would I expect to have from a BioField Tuning session?”
I had a client ask me this and wanted to share my response with you.
This is a great question. Each Biofield Tuning session will be different for you and will depend on which chakra and parts of the body we work on. But with all of them you should feel more grounded, centered, lighter, less stress, and clear.
That’s an overall results answer. Here’s a few specific results that some of my clients have gotten:
One client suffers from terrible migraines almost every day, has 3 of his vertebrae in his neck fused together, and after his BioField Tuning session his migraines reduced to 1 or two over a few weeks. He had to actually think about when his last one was when I asked him, which was a big deal to him.
One client experienced an energetic sludge releasing in her lower abdomen and after the session could eat foods she hadn’t been able to eat in years.
One client felt so grounded and centered that he felt like himself again with a vibrant aliveness he hadn’t felt in years.
One client didn’t feel any big shift physically but when she went to Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks after our session she realized didn’t get triggered and traumatized by her family like she usually does every year.
Each one of my own sessions I’ve had dramatic results from. The first one my will power and inner authority came back on line in full force. Boy was I sassy after that. LOL. In one I had my throat chakra worked on and was able to sing afterwards without holding back. In one I had so much anger released, but when the anger finally moved out (it took the rest of the day), it was replaced with an incredible and pure unconditional love. The anger and resentment that I had bottled up for 20 years has been gone ever since.
Your results are going to be different and each time will be different. It’s all based on what your body asks to be worked on in the session and what you’ve experienced in your life.
This has been such profound work already and I’m excited to see all that unfolds from doing more of this work and incorporating it with Human Design and harmonizing old emotions so my entrepreneurs can really thrive in their business and life. I truly feel this will change so many lives in such incredible ways.

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